Enjoying Cycling Life Ever Since Now

I know nothing about cycling a week ago, but now I'm really in love with this sport. My boyfriend bought a new Giant ATX 770 mountain bike a week ago, and changed a ATX pro frame to make it more chic. I know this bike configuration is just for the fresh lovers, but we got to start from the basic, added that we have not enough budget at the moment.

This mountain bike will be utilized by both of us, my boyfriend will ride it to work when there is a sunny day just like these days. Thank god that the road to workplace is such a nice fit for cycling, not at all crowed with people like in the downtown. I will use it on weekends or anytime I wish, to experience the cycling life, touch with green nature and to make my body healthier.

I really began to understand the promotion word seen in the Giant shop that goes "Cycling is a way of life". Definitely, If I have to choose between a car and a cycling bike to ride to some distance within 100km in a sunny day, I would choose mountain bike with no hesitate. It's a great way of excercise and let you touch with nature more beaufifully. Bring a camera and take every moving moments along the road, What a happy cycling day, you won't understand the joy unless you have a try.

Our cycling life has just started, and I believe we would eventually have a extremely advanced bike later on, let's start from now, Giant Atx 770 with Atx pro frame.

When you cycling, you would feel very cool from inside out, shaking sweat and feel totally free from all the pressure you are undertaking. For females cycling lovers, I have few tips to offer, remember to wear the suitable women shoes, something like sandal is totally banned, besides, bring a mug or sport bottle as well, you may need water to supplement your body loss.

Go far but not too far if you are not a professional cycling lover, and can't handle some tricky work like a flat tire, since flat tire maybe a common instance when your bike is too speedy while the road got some terrible stuff waiting there like tree branch. You gotta take those emergency into consideration even if there are rarely happen unless you are too "lucky".

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  1. we must enjoy our life & remain healthy... Keep on posting I like your blog.

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  3. Nice way of doing fat lose also. Cycling is good for health and good for refreshment also.