Enjoying Cycling Life Ever Since Now

I know nothing about cycling a week ago, but now I'm really in love with this sport. My boyfriend bought a new Giant ATX 770 mountain bike a week ago, and changed a ATX pro frame to make it more chic. I know this bike configuration is just for the fresh lovers, but we got to start from the basic, added that we have not enough budget at the moment.

This mountain bike will be utilized by both of us, my boyfriend will ride it to work when there is a sunny day just like these days. Thank god that the road to workplace is such a nice fit for cycling, not at all crowed with people like in the downtown. I will use it on weekends or anytime I wish, to experience the cycling life, touch with green nature and to make my body healthier.

I really began to understand the promotion word seen in the Giant shop that goes "Cycling is a way of life". Definitely, If I have to choose between a car and a cycling bike to ride to some distance within 100km in a sunny day, I would choose mountain bike with no hesitate. It's a great way of excercise and let you touch with nature more beaufifully. Bring a camera and take every moving moments along the road, What a happy cycling day, you won't understand the joy unless you have a try.

Our cycling life has just started, and I believe we would eventually have a extremely advanced bike later on, let's start from now, Giant Atx 770 with Atx pro frame.

When you cycling, you would feel very cool from inside out, shaking sweat and feel totally free from all the pressure you are undertaking. For females cycling lovers, I have few tips to offer, remember to wear the suitable women shoes, something like sandal is totally banned, besides, bring a mug or sport bottle as well, you may need water to supplement your body loss.

Go far but not too far if you are not a professional cycling lover, and can't handle some tricky work like a flat tire, since flat tire maybe a common instance when your bike is too speedy while the road got some terrible stuff waiting there like tree branch. You gotta take those emergency into consideration even if there are rarely happen unless you are too "lucky".


AhSang and Chen Xiaoxu Both Died of Breast Cancer

One year ago, the sudden death of a famous actress, Chen Xiaoxu, former Chinese actress and business celebrity, who was widely feted for her portrayal of Lin Daiyu, the tragic famale figure in the Dream of the Red Chamber, a classic of ancient Chinese literature, has drawn public attention to the danger of breast cancer. A global activity named "As a mother, I care more about mothers" was initiated by Estee Lauder, a cosmetics company that sponsors the "Global pink ribbons campaign for breast cancer prevention and cure". It is hoped that the incidence of breast cancer can be controlled and reduced through these activities.

Another breaking news recently is That Taiwanese singer AhSang dies from breast cancer at 34. She didn’t feel well when she was in the Mainland performing last October; an examination upon her return to Taiwan revealed that she was suffering from breast cancer; furthermore, it had already advanced to the final stages. She once wrote a self-encouraging message on her blog; she wrote optimistically, “All of this will pass!” She never, however, mentioned her illness. Although she underwent treatment, the cancer cells had already spread to her lungs and liver. She spent the last portion of her life with her mother and her siblings; in the end, her passing was peaceful.

Breast cancer spreading among young women

In many Chinese hospitals women as young as 18 or 19 have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Experts warn that young women should pay attention to breast health. According to Zhou Dinghua, the surgerical director of Second Artillery General Hospital of PLA, women tend to develop breast cancer at a younger age. He reminds young women not to neglect their breast health and recommends that they have regular check-ups and learn to do self –examination by themselves.

Popular Summer Fabric for Women

What's the most favored fabric and chic clothingthat you want to have in your summer wardrobe ? Summer time is tick around the corner and when I prepare the cooling wear and dress for summer the other days, I found that chiffon dress is still very hot this summer. Acturally chiffon wear has been popular for a long time.

According to Wiki, Chiffon is made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers. Chiffon can be dyed to almost any shade desired, but if it is made out of polyster, it can be difficult to dye. Under a magnifying glass it resembles a fine net or mesh which gives chiffon some see-through properties. Chiffon is most commonly used in evening wear, especially as an overlay, giving an elegant and floating appearance to the gown. It is also a popular fabric used in blouses, ribbons, scarves and lingerie. Like other crepe fabrics, chiffon can be difficult to work with because of its light and slippery textures. Due to this delicate nature, chiffon must be hand washed very gently. Feeling the same, brocade silk fabric is also popular.

It's quite romantic fabric that girls like very much, and feels like silk, which is much more expensive. Since chiffon is transparent at most times, the the chiffon dress always got inside lining.


Girl Who Wants to Turn Gack Time - 13 Going On 30

It's a comdy for the kid in all of us.

Jenna gets her chance to chill after she's sprinkled with "Wishing Dust" during her disastrous 13th birthday party. She wakes up to find herself 17 years older -- and, more important, drop-dead gorgeous -- with a hunky celebrity boyfriend, lavish Manhattan apartment and fabulous job as editor of a glossy women's magazine.

Trouble is, she's still little Jenna inside her head. From the moment she literally rolls out of bed as the cluelessly adult Jenna, Garner grabs attention with equal measures of giggly girlish exuberance and anxious-adolescent befuddlement.

Classic Lines:

"I'd like to believe,I have to believe that if you knew that,if in your heart,you really,really knew that,you wouldn't be getting ready to marry someone right now,Unless that someone were me."

"I have felt things these past few weeks that I didn't know I could feel anymore.But I have realiszed in these past few days you can't just turn back time"   

"I moved on.You moved on.We have gone down different paths for so long.We made choices." 


A Love Story Just Like Fairytale - Notting Hill

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant charm uswith a clever, funny romance.

The world of the rich and famous can be fascinating for the rest of us. The romantic in all of us pines for a chance encounter with a charming prince or beautiful princess who sweeps us off our feet and into a life of wealth and privelege.
Of course, this rarely happens in reality, but the tale is as old as our collective imaginations and "Notting Hill" tells it smartly.
This being a Hollywood love story, we know how it's going to end, but even though we do, we still enjoy the ride.

Grant, perhaps the greatest stammering aw-shucks romantic lead since Jimmy Stewart, is completely endearing as the ordinary Joe.

Roberts pokes a lot of fun at her own image, while employing her own charisma to her advantage. Is there a more likable actress in Hollywood?

Notting Hill is the real star of the movie. One of the most charming neighborhoods in London, it reminds me of San Francisco's neighborhoods, only with a British endurance. It feels solid and eternal while showing a homey, quirky face to the world. I wouldn't be surprised to find that real estate agents in Notting Hill got a lot of business off of "Notting Hill."

How To Control Womens' Inner Shopping Thirst

As a tipical women who likes cosmetic and beautiful clothing, I would feel uneasy if I don't buy any clothing in two weeks. Under this finatial crisis background, it seems a bad habit to buy too many apparel. One or two classic designed clothes that can be worn a long time is maybe more needed than the stylish ones.

Thus we women need to find a great way to control our shopping thirst. For me, I turn part of my attention to the food recipe knowadge and "yangsheng" tips and if I have to buy something, I would first turn to online shopping site for reference.

We are still in the best age to wear beautiful clothes, the best years for us is just few years, so we won't leave too many regret for us. On the contrary, we also want to save more money for future uncertainty in this unclear time.

We thrive to reach a better blance. Maybe the wise way is to work hard, earn more. But we also know it's best said then done. Do what we can do. Ask yourself those questions when you decided to buy one item.

1, Why do I need it.
2, Do I got clothes and shoes to go with it?
3, Is this price reasonable ?
4, Where would I put it at home.
5, Is it can wear a longer time or just a short period.

I think we should be a girl with more sense.


How Come This Winter Last for So Long

This is a terribly long winter than everyone has expected. The spring wear that I have prepared is in my wardrobe for too long, the winter apparel is not yet out of our sight yet, even thought it's now the season supposed to be sunny and warm.

It's a travelling season in the march and appril, but thanks to the bad weather that with big wind and potential rain, our moon for travel has been hit. Maybe we got to wait still another week, and got stuck at home for another week. I have two film tickets, and just wondering what to see in the coming weekend, but I found all the movies was not my type and there are really not any great movies recently. :(

I had better not prepare any spring wear from now on, since the spring maybe just like a blinkle moment, then the hot summer will totally on its road as usuals.

How come this winter last for so long, how come there is so much rainy days in the supposed to be sunny season. How come the weather become so strange year by year. Maybe it's all our fault due to the pollution.

Chinese Overview: 冬天长的有点过分,不是说阳春三月嘛

Travelling Far or Close to Where You Live

It's the best time for travelling in a year, do you begin to think about where you wanna go? Far or close, you need to make a choice. 3 days of holiday is not enough to go to some place too far away, except you take the plane, which would cost more and since it's the fiantial crisis season, peole are now some kind of reluctant to be too squander anyway.

So just pick a nice little place with green trees and nature food, where you can be more close to the nature, with family or your loved ones, then it should be good too. What matters if who you are travelling with. Travelling close can avoild many trouble that a far travelling plans would encouter. Everybody know the holiday would be crazy number of people in any famous senery spot. So maybe go some place nearer should be more comfortable. The choice is yours.

What we love travelling is that it can make our mind fresh after we went back and life need a little change once in a while to avoid mundame and plain. Travelling far, like to the Erupe is a dream of me for many years, I wish we could accomplish this aim soon, so work harder now.

Chinese Overview: 远的还是近的呢,总之,人少的地方就好

There is all Topic about Travelling Plans

It's a happy season, we got traditional holiday in April and got the labor's holiday in May. So office worker's mind are a little unfocused. Many ladies around me are now taking about their travelling plans these days. We finally can got some time for ourselvse and get a longer rest.

What ever the place you would be travel to, there would be people crowd everywhere, so someone wanna thought about travelling in their own cars, bring a GPS with them and enought money to fit the road. That's should cost you a lot more considering the oil fee, the road pass fee, the parking fee, but you will have more freedom and free time, you can lilsten to music in your own cars. You can be with your family, even your dog, be more comfortable in your own cars.

If you don't want to be too tired, you'd better find another one that can also drive, then you two could take rest one by one, let the driving process be more safe and quick.

Traveling is about being in different places, escape from the familiar surroundings, and seeing thing you haven't seen, if you are with your loved ones, and with good mood, you could enjoy the time wherever you traveled to.

Chinese Overview: 人人都在说旅游这个话题


Women Are Most in Need of Security Feeling

Women are sensitive creature that are most in need of security. House is the priority component for the security feeling. When we move into a new house, we care about the door lock first and eagar to change that to feel safe expecially it's a rent house.

Have you had such experiences: huddling together when you sleep; checking the door and window is locked or not again and again; being afraid of losing the sensation, affection or friendship; feeling that the food you eat is not clean, and prefer to do by yourself; waking in the midnight when sleeping , found cheek full of cheek tears….

I am often worried about my health.Although i am healthy now,i could not help thinking what i should do,if i get a serious illness .I am not a rich girl,and the expense of treatment is so high.I can not afford it .So i have to borrow money for treatment .

Now there is a serious global finacial crisis around the wold.China is without execption.Some companies closed,some companies stoped the production,some companies are cutting down the quantity of their staff member .So i begin to worry about my job.If unfortunately,i am out of work,what should i do.Where can i find the next job?How to live ?I am just a ordinary people,and have no ability.
Chinese Overview: 女人最需要安全感。


Buying A Decent Watch Online ?

Purchasing the watch on line, sounds crazy, but if I reckon the past successful online shopping experience when we bought amazingly great stuff from online C2C site, such as the Dell D410 laptop with extreme high configuration, and all those classic apparel in my wardrobe, then I would not consider it as a great risk.

I compare the price of our desired watch to the big malls, it got a big RMB1000 gap here. We don't want to throw our sweat money into their big evil mouth anyway.We would use the saved money to give ourselves a lot great feast.

I pretty sure we would buy the watch on line this month or maybe next month. It's a gift for my boyfriend, he said the other day that he want a watch, then I thought it's something that should be bought by the girl friend. SO why in the earth does he want a watch for ? His anwer really got me speechless, which is when he was having a telephone meetings, he would no longer watch the cellphone for the time :)

I think watch is something that a man must have. My love is a department leader now, he maybe need the watch to add some serious look :) Just kidding.

I think those small gadgets can make a man happy, if so, whatever the cost, I would buy, since I want him to be happy everyday.

Chinese Overview: 网上手表比现实要便宜1000, 让人动心呢。


Can We not Encounter Jam Everyday

One can never get a idea of how the Nanjing changjiang bridge is jamed every rush hour only if you get the experience. We have to pass the dam bridge everyday in our company bus to the office. It's the worst area for go to work I suppose since it has the worst traffic jam here.

It really frustrate people just me who would have big headache when in a congest bus for too long and even got stomach feeling uneasy some day or another. I have been tired of this lifestyle that loose 3 hours to the bus everyday. I have to endure the unpleasure and torture for now.
How I envy those who can work by the
subways or near the center of the city, they won't squize every weekend time to do what could be done on usual working days, like shopping for clothing, bank issues and so on.
I have confidence that things would getting better and I would have more time to enjoy the great life.
Never lose hope in the hardships, the end of the dark is light. I always hold the believe. After all, I'm a girl with a positive mind.
Chinese Overview: 光明前的黑暗


Storming Saturady and Misty Sunday

It's kind of funny that the weather always turns against our wish. We want it to be sunny and warm in the weekend, so we could eventurally go to climb the Zhongshan mountains or went to Xuanwuhu again to watch those funny dogs, but don't ever plan anything too early to upset yourself, since the weather master got such a strange temper. It fustrate us again and again, this past weekend with storming saturday and misty sunday, really enough to take.

We have to stuck at home, only to go to the food maket to stay alive :) I wonder it's the reason of the increasing air pollution or what, the weather always get so misty in Nanjing, the misty days is so many that it really make me crazy since I got some irritating nose problem.
Someone said if I was living in some cleans places such as Canada,or Japan, I would got them all cured. But I'm nowhere to go, I have to take this.
I catch cold again, and this historially nose problem got win again by virture of the flu. I hate the weather, I hate the misty and I totally hate the dam air from the cars everywhere. Could not we have a more clean and more natural place to live. No wonder those rich people always go to live in the far country side. Fresh air is all I need.
Chinese Overview: 我想,我只是想要干净的空气,没想到,这也变成了一种奢侈。

Let's Go Fishing This Weekend

Fishing sounds like such a rare exercise that's nearly forgotten by yough people just like you and me. There seems to be only older guys who enjoy this activity, but totally not the case since I have a boyfriend who also enjoys fishing.

The best fishing area is in the wild area where natura is in bloom and you can have a pretty good mood, enjoying the calm and pleasure of waiting and capturing the big fish. There acturally is not many such places out there since pollution destroyes everything.
My boyfriend always recall the good time in the past, when the sky is bluer, the water is so clean, and the fish is more happier. He lives in a city surrounded by rivers, so it's a very common thing to go fishing those days, when the lunch is what you have captured. So funny and do natural.
Now, we rarely got the chances to go fishing. The life radom is going so fast, fishing seem to be too slow to adapt to this quick society, but sometimes, we need some calm, we need some patience, and we need a different kind of feeling and mood.
So let's go fishing this weekend.
Chinese Overview: 钓鱼似乎与现代快节奏的生活格格不入,但是,钓鱼人的心境你又何尝能懂?


Are Girls not Competent for Advanced IT Work ?

Advanced IT work like Internetwork requires a very logical mindset and great learning skills, that's what the general girls are lack of. There is some tough girls out there who can even be more qualified than men, they are really few genius. But according to my boyfriend who are in this IT field, men often belittle women, take them as a joke.

My boyfriend often tell me those funny stories about the two girls in his team, about how they got really great schoolbook knowlegdge, but whenever facing any actural project, they would turn to him for help. My boyfriend is updating his knowledge day by day, since IT is such a quickly changing field, you need to catch up with the latest trend to stay cool. But those girls, they are reluctant to learn, because they are really not interested in them, unlike him.
That's the case for girls in my boyfriend's team, and I think if a girl determined to work in the IT field, and do the technical part, than she should have got really interest and enough hardwork than boys. We girls are also brilliant and can do it well.

Chinese Overview: 和男人拼饭碗,做技术的女孩需要付出更多的汗水,但是会一样出色。

House Accumulation Fund, the More, the Better

In China, we have house accumulation fund system the govement set up to slightly imporve the housing problem. It's a very good policy and really can relieve your finantial pressure greatly when you have to owe a housing debt.

Even if you don't need to borrow money from bank, you still can take the fund out to use in the house decoration project according to current policy, and if your first house is totally paid off, than you can take the fund out to buy the second house too.
The house accumulation system going like this, the individual deduct from his own salary for a amount, and than the company should also pay the same amount as you, so the more you deducted, the better.
In China, some country owned enterprise like China mobile, China telicom.... They would go on the highest amount deducted, which is 1500, or more, that means, they would have 3000 into their account every month. It's only for a few people, not all of their employers, but I think those enterprise got too good welfare to let those working in the privite company embrassed just like me.

Chinese Overview: 公积金整体来讲,是个好东西。

CCIE - My Boyfriend's Targeted Credantials

CCIE is short for: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

What CCIE certification stands for:
CCIE identifies experts with the skills and experience to handle the most challenging assignments in their field. CCIE exams are constantly updated and revised to evolve with the industry, focusing on current technologies and real-world applications.
CCIE is recognized worldwide as the most respected high-level certification in the industry (see Awards & Recognitions). The program continually updates and revises its testing tools and methodologies to ensure unparalleled program quality, relevance and value.

CCIE is an objective way to compare individuals, or job candidates, with different experience and backgrounds.

Even now someone says that Cisco's CCIE is no longer the biggest cash cow of IT certification, but it is still a great cash cow. I believe in our city, there is only few people (maybe less than ten) that holds a CCIE credantial. So you can see its value.

Chinese Overview: LG 30岁之前的目标就是拿下这个CCIE证书


Never Use Cosmetic, He Still Gots Perfect Skin

It sometimes make me jealous that my boyfriend's face and skin is always staying in the perfect state, white and tener. No matter how he stay up late or how the wind blow his face or how the sun do the damage to his face, his skin will return untouched like a brand new version when after a deep good sleep.

That make me thinking, what's the meaning of the money and time that been spending on the cosmetic by me. Those so-called sun-protection cream, water supplements stuff.......is all that joke.

Anyway, I can't live without those basic facial protection cosmetic since my face can't take it when loose it. I was not born a natural good skin, my gene is completely draging my leg behind. Dam.
My peas size whelk keep poping up even though I'm not young girl anyway. And my face keep emiting oil, which is enought to fry a dish everyday.

Those cosmetic seem to not make any invisible impovement and is just psychological comfort. The best way I believe is the old truth: do more sleep, do more excercise, keep away the sun, eat more fruit.

Chinese Overview: 为何我LG连洗面奶都不用,皮肤却如此之好。皮肤是99%的天生和1%的后天。

How Would You Back Up Your Men's Career

Men are traditionally considered the main backbone of the family, so their career development is crucial to the family happiness. But no matter how competent he is, he needs a great women behind him, just like the old sayings: Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.

How would you back up your men's career

Don't be like a kitty everyday, hoping to have him with you all the time, let him do what he needs to do. Do more thinking about how to keep his body healthy, trying to make great recipe to give him the dinner in the right time with right food choice. Tell him to do less more drinking, no smoking and do more exercise.
Don't try to be a tough women, trying to be parallel with him in every possible way. As a woman, no matter how tough you are, you still have to give birth, raise kids in the end anyway. Your have to choose between your career and your family, it can't be both according to more previous instances out there and I believe you don't won't to repeat other's mistake.
I'm not belittle women in the above, my point is that cultivating your loved man is your biggest career in the life. Choose the right man in the beginning, that's crucial.

Chinese Overview: 男人的事业是一家幸福的保障,女人会学会正确支持另一半的事业

He Got What He Deserves

Since the day I met him, I know that he is full of potential. The best point is he has a kind heart. I met him since my laptop broken down, and we are doing part-time job together that time, and I don't know anyone else that can help me with this.

Later I know gradually that he got very good computer skills all by self-taught and interest, and his capabitily in many areas such as lan, server, hardware...(virturally all stuff concerning computers), is way out of the reach of his peer with the same age.
You won't believe such a young and great looking guy would got such great skills and since techonology career need experience, so he is purely looking for actural project in the past, filling himselve with even more skills and experience, just waiting for chances.
Now he works in a horland comany, which seem to be in the list of the top 500 comanies worldwide once or still there in the list which I don't know. He was the leader for the international server & lan team.

He said, it's only a beginning for his career. So fly higher, my dear.

Chinese Overview: 机会总是给有准备的人

Are You a Pants Type or Skirt Type

I'm pants type, I like to wear straight pants, or slim pants and it makes my leg looks great. I seldom wear skirt for many reasons. It maybe a little two sexy to leak something out, (you know what I mean, these days, there is many secret camaras outhere). And skirt is not so perfect choice for a perfect leg shape if you want your leg be your bright point of your whole wear.

Whether it's slim pants or straight pants, it all looks great and just avoid the wider size at the feet area, that will look very awkward, which may be more suitable for the fat leg. Anyway, I like the pants to be fit the body, not too wide or too slim.

Pants don't always have to be jeans. Jeans is classic and fit to nearly any clothing, that's correct. But you need different styles and fabric. Expecially in summer, the jeans maybe a little bit too hot to wear, you need some more cozy and thin fabric, soft and thin.
It's hard to buy one perfect pants that every size is just to the point. If you find one, then you are just too dam lucky, just like I have found one on taobao that with the perfect size for me.

As to the color, I often choose the basic ones. Some too bright ones and those color which doesn't fit my other clothing in the wardrobe would be out of my consideration.

Chinese Overview: 要想突出修长的腿型,那么选小直筒裤,肯定没错


How Come They Become "Left-Over" Girls

There is a new group of girl called "left-over" girls in morden China. They are all left by love, by marriage.

Those single women would not be totally looking bad, maybe some of them be so, but in fact, many of them are young and well educated (university degree holders). They are slow in marriage, not mean they are quit trying to look for a partner. It's just so hard for them to find the perfect one.

Leftover girls may also been called the "3S women", which means, single, senventies, stuck. Some women would be very indepentant, not at all need to rely on men. They have great jobs, got cars, big houses. So ordinary men could not dare to be near them, and as to those outstanding men, they are no need to hurry in marriage more. So, those successful girls are been left behind.

Acturally, there is two kinds of women, Smart or Not Smart. So even if you are not finding your other half for now, you could still keep your smart quality.
Elegance and avoid affectation
Confident but not self-centered
Enchanting, but not be ravelment
Be strong and protect yourself when hard times come
Waiting for your right time, hold the believe that “not married is better than wrongly married.”

Chinese Overview: 做剩女并不可怕,可怕的是对自己失去了信心

Good Habits To Keep Your Love Fresh

When your love is caught in the undertow, do you give yourself some reflection time to save your relationship. Try to keep some of the good habits, it may really helps in keeping your love fresh.

Encouragement is important

In very possible occassion, tell him or her how you are facinated with some of his traits, such as good social skills, way of speeking, or even his perfect body. It would make the other feel great and so do your love.

Whatever you want, just speak out

Suspect is one of those big obstacles in achieving a great love relationship. Don't ever try to find out what in her heads or hearts by your own imagination. Understanding needs communication. Whatever you are feeling troubled with, happy for, just speak out directly.

No need to be completely transparent

Even if honesty is the most basic elements in a relationship, but it doesn't mean to totally speek out the truth. We all aware that truth sometimes my hurt, and you lies because you really love the others and don't want to hurt his/her feelings. So what are the standard, when to tell the truth, when not? The best way is to put yourself under his or her circumstances, try to think before you said.

Give each other some secrets

We all have secrets, so don't ask too much about somethint your loved ones don't acturally want to tell you. So if it's not som big deal, just let it go.

Looking for funs in routines

Life can not always be full of exectiting, most of the time, we just going the routines. But if you could be a little creative in life, there could be fun everywhere just beauty, which needs to be discovered.

Chinese Overview: 让爱情保鲜的秘诀


Everything Works Better Being in Good Mood

Everything works better being in good mood” - That's the the main aspect of the fashion trends this summer.
Fashion labels from all over the world have presented their fanciest collections in February on the fashion fair CPD.

Fresh and brilliant colors and attractive prints could be seen on shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, stockings and
pantyhose. Especially in summer brilliant colors are fashionable, because they look better and brighter.

Since summer time is ticking around the corner, we should take notice of those new trends and details to make us more attractive in 2009 summer, be a happy beauty. That's our motto. In this time of finantial crisis, the most valuable quality we should get is positive mind, life should be go on, no matter what, try to keep a positive smile
everyday, and just that happy mood would impact on your apparel style and whole appearance too.

Remember this old saying: Everything works better being in good mood. Attitude is something we could choose ourselves.

Chinese Overview: “心情好,一切都好。”——这是今夏流行时尚的主题

Babi Got Every Women's Dream Figure

With its slim waist, plump breast, long leg, beautiful hair, Babi is every girl's dream figure. She got the perfect shape that everybody envy.

In reality, seldom anyone could got all those fine qualities together in one body, if do, then God must be extremely generous about you. Babi never becomes old, always full of vigar and young spirit. She is changing as the fashion and era changes, never left behind, totally in style.

Babi Background Recall

In the mid 1950's, while visiting Switzerland, Ruth Handler bought a German Lilli doll. Lilli was a shapely, pretty fashion doll first made in 1955. Lilli is the doll that would inspire Ruth Handler to design the Barbie doll. With the help of her technicians and engineers at Mattel,Barbie was born. Ruth then hired Charlotte Johhson, a fashion designer ,to create Barbie's wardrobe.

Barbie doll is long limbed,shapely and beautiful and only 11.5 foot tall. Ruth and Elliot named their new fashion doll after their own daughter,Barbie. In 1959,Barbie doll was warmly welcomed in New York. Barbie has changed a lot over the years and has managed to keep up with current trends in hairstyles,make up and clothing. It has been popular all over the years. Both young and old enjoy Barbie dolls.

Chinese Overview: 拥有芭比的身材是每个女孩的梦想。

Anti-Oxidant Needs for Young Face

We are now living in a society where invisible polution is everywhere. As the tempreture got higher and higher every year, the sun ultraviolet radiation is becoming even more terrifying and hurt our fragil face when we don't notice it at all.

Apart from eating more fruit and vegetables as a natural and inside improvement and defend, we still got to have some skin care products that suit our face type well and give us more protections from the hurt everywhere and everytime.

The most expensive is not the best, cosmetic should be suit to your face type. That's a universal acknowledgement, and you need to try for sometime to really know some product is good or so so. In order to save more money, the cosmetic little sample is hot, since you can spend the most least money to have a try.

I really care about anti-oxidant function and anti-sunset quality since they are two important factors that make you old. Above all, I really don't want to have something with toxic elements in it.

Chinese Overview: 污染,紫外线......年轻的肌肤也需要抗氧化。


Cool Summer With Silk Clothing

Silk enjoy such fine qualities as:

Qinger slender, soft to the touch, smooth and comfortable. After long time wearing in it, there is no sense of wet, and comfort is always with you.

It's said that silk fabric easily absorbed into the body ruled out the moisture, sweat and secretions, and maintain clean the skin, enhance vitality of skin cells, reduce blood vessel hardening, aging, but also to resist the harm of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, so is the best health-care fabric.

Silk represents China's most splendid culture, with those exquisite designs, such as clothes TING Paul Hillier, birds and flowers Yu Chong, Tingtailouge, Merlin bamboo-ju, Longfeng WU Xiang, rich peony, lotus, fish.

Traditional elements and fashion flavour can both inverted into one silk apparel. Besides, it gives a cool and relax summer with cozy feeling around.

Chinese Overview: 漂亮的蚕丝衣,融合古典和现代的元素,是中国服装界的一大特色。


V-Neck Knitwear - OL Must-Haves

OL is short for Office Lady:)

OL loves V-neck knitwear in spring. It got the temprament that we want. A high neck under shirt inside and a V-neck knitwear outside, which turns out a classic OL pattern. You must own one.

There is such a variety of choices for the knitwear color. Again I have to say it's so lucky to be a woman to enjoy so much colourful apparel which giving us a colourful world and differnet feelings.

We need to pay more attention to the color, collocation of differnet color is a big question you want to learn well. And it's a basic skill that a fashion girl owns and handles well.

Black and greay is always classic, but sometimes you maybe so tired of the straight line and you want to be against the mold for a while with a bright color choice.

I kind like of the peafowl green and peafowl blue, all temprament type of color for you.

Chinese Overview: V 领针织衫是OL必备哦,多彩的色彩搭配出不同的气质。

Tata Shoes as Women Festival Gift

During the past women festival on 8, March, do you get any gift from your loved ones or buy some long desired stuff for yourself.

Many women would to the cosmetic counter in big malls on this special day, since there maybe a lot benifits and little sample giving out, so the most cost-efficient day to buy expensive cosmetic that day.

As to me, what I want so much is one pair of fish front shoes and I already have my eyes fixed on one brand, Tata, I tried one of the spring new shoes, and find it a perfect choice for my new straight pants. Besides, very cozy feeling in it too. I'm not quite used to the high-heels, and this one is ramp.

In fact, the price is not so appealing to me, and I can't see any shadow from the finantial crisis in this surprising price. But women should sometimes be hard to herself, means be tough when spending money. Oh, I'm kind of regreting the impulse action, maybe I should buy it onlin, which would save a lot.

Chinese Overview: 三八节,我给自己买了一双Tata 的鞋


Marry a Man Who Cookes Well

Do your husband cookes fine dish for you? Or he is just too busy to spare time to spend in the kitchen. When I was a little girl, the price in my dream would be handsome and wealthy. But when I grow older, I feel that a man knows how to live a life well and really cares abou you is the one that you could invest your whole lifetime.

A man enjoyes life often enjoyes preparing food in the kitchen. It doesn't mean they are not doing well in the job and just a staying-at-home man. Quite the contrary, for example, my loved man is doing excellent in his job, while he is also cared about what we eat to stay health everyday.

My cute man is good at cooking fish since he is coming from a fish town. Anyway, fish is good than any meat, pig or chicken. Whether its sea fish or just local fish, he can handle them really well and turns out tasty. One colleage once told me that, you are such a lucky women to find a great man who is really intelligent in computer techonology stuff and smart in kitchen job.

Chinese Overview: 试验是否是好男人,先下个厨房试试。


Ture Love for Women Past 30

I heard a joke the other day about finding true love for old women and old men.

"How is the possibility for women past 30 to find her true love?
Answer: Just like the possibilty that poor men past 30 could find her true love"

So tipical for the reality in China, women woship beauty, youth. Men needs more money to add charm. Anyway, it's just a joke. I'm a girl who believes "fate", your loved ones should come in due time. Besides, 30 years old is still seen as very young, for god sake, we are not in the old society now. Most women just finished colleage studies in 23, let alone someone would like to pusue a more higher degree, and after a few years work in the society, years passed us quickly unnoticed by us. Then time is so limited, we don't have enough time to find our life partner yet, but age is becoming a problem. Oh, the society is giving us too much pressures already.

I think the most obstacle for women past 30 is that, traditionally, people think women would have less preganant ability when they are older. Poor girls, Having babies is one big lesson in our life that everyone must face.

Just follow your hearts.

Chinese Overview: 30的女人就找不到真爱了。No way, You still got chances.

How to Relieve Computer Harm to Your Face

Most of the office employees live with the computers now. Women always worried about the radiation from computers would make their face look older and especially the pregenant women would feel the most worried since it's said radiation from computers may harm their unborn baby.

Our eyes often feel tired and dry when facing the computer for a day long, and how to protect the face from the hurt. Many women thought cosmetics may help, but I think the most effective way would be drink more water, green tea the better, and give your face a careful cleaning with water every few hours to clean the unseen dust in the skin.

Keep a good working habit, evey once in a while, let your eyes and body be free and do a little exercise, it would do great help. Don't keep still for too long, it would hurt your shoulder in the long wrong. If you don't want to be left with lots of discomfort when you are not young anymore, you need to pay more attention to the rest skills that may relieve the hurt from sitting too long in front of the computers.

May wish someday, the computers techonology would take a great leap forward, and leaves us no harm anymore, or there comes another alternatives to work more happily and enjoy life better.

Chinese Overview: 电脑辐射日复一日,要多喝水,多洗脸来保护你的皮肤


String Adjustable Braces For Summer Wardrobe

There is summer wardrobe must-haves: Braces or braces skirt. Do you alreay got them ready, if not, hurry up.

One pair is not enough, you need to prepare colourful choices that may give a different feeling everyday and go with different clothings.

They are basic and classic itmes since they are so easy to adapt to and necessary to wear inside to go with other summer apparel.

There going a better design which is that the strings of the braces could be adjusted and it's designed to avoid any awkward occasions possible.

In most cases, braces are made of cotton and different kind of cotton quality could make the skin feel different.
We women should care most about the comfortness the fabric feels since it's your best friend for your skin.

Chinese Overview: 夏日衣橱里,五彩吊带,一件怎么能够

Slim Straight Pants to Give You a Perfect Leg Shape

Just loving it, straight pants with perfect clipping and fits the leg so well. Let's just embrace the spring to come earlier. But, if you need to wear this effect out, what requires is a long and slim leg. Oh, that's what girls want. Thank god, I was born a natural perfect leg.

Slim pants picks women, not all women could wear them. The one that could wear a slim pants very beautifully is the most lucky one and chosen one, since you have the perfect leg shape every girl want.

Whatever pants you wear, you need take the following notice to make a better pick.

Fit is the most important key to pants comfort and attractive appearance. Pants should fit comfortably at the waistline and fall smoothly over the hips and thighs. In well-fitted pants, the lengthwise grainline is perpendicular to the floor and creases in the legs are on the straight grain. Pants length will vary according to the silhouette.
Some problems to avoid when making (or buying) pants include:
S Ripples at the waistline.
S Wrinkles at the crotch.
S Bagginess at the crotch.
S Waistline pulling down at center back or center front.
S Pressed creases that hang off-grain.
Avoid pants that are too tight. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they also accentuate figure flaws.

Chinease Overview: 小直筒的浪漫,长腿mm 最爱


Classic Items in My Wardrobe - Trench Coat

There is some classic apparel items that you must collect in your wardrobe. For me, it's trench coat.

I'm quite in love with a trench coat since I have a tall and slim body that perfectly suits a trench coat sttyle and fits that temperament a trench coat required too.

The most famous brand for trench coat must be Buberry with its England flavor; here is some history for it here:

Trench Coat Soon after it was designed by Thomas Burberry for soldiers to wear during World War I, the trench coat became a fashion must-have for women as well as men.

Wear it over jeans and instantly transform yourself into Audrey Hepburn. Wear it over a cocktail dress for a dressed-down but polished evening look.

Burberry's taffeta wrap trench, $1,195, from the spring 2009 collection is an investment you will wear for years. You are very fashionable . My principle is that dealing with the old ones before buying new ones .

Maybe because I couldn't afford it, I like the japanease brand called ICB better, since it is more Asian flavored. The trench coat in the left picture is from ICB, 2009 sping new release.

Chinese Overview: 我爱风衣,就像老鼠爱大米

Women Related Lyric - Cannonball By Damien Rice

Single: Cannonball
By: Damien Rice
Album: O

Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
Still a little bit of you laced with my doubt
Still a little hard to say what's going on
Still a little bit of your ghost your witness
Still a little piece of your face I haven't kissed

You step a little closer to me Still i can't see what's going on

Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to lie
Life taught me to die
So it's not hard to fall

When you float like a cannonball

Stones taught me to fly, Love taught me to cry, So come on courage! Teach me to be shy

"Cause it's not hard to fall, and I don't wan to lose

It's not hard to grow

When you know that you just don't know....
About the left picture: Just discovered that this particular tree (quite commonly found in Singapore - I saw this next to a road near Club Street) with gangly branches cascading down from its main trunk is called the Cannonball Tree (couroupita guianensis) - couldn't someone have named such pretty flowers and the tree that bears it a lovelier name than "cannonball"!

And in case you're wondering, it's called 'cannonball' because apparently, after flowering, the fruit looks like an ugly mini-brown cannonball [unfortunately, I didn't see any on this particular tree], and too bad for you if one happens to fall on your toes whilst you're walking near it, ouch!!

Chinese Overview: 当Damien Rice的一曲You are Beautiful 成为街歌的时候,我们不妨关注一下他的其他歌曲,歌词也都很美,很对偶,左侧的植物刚好叫做 Cannonball Trees

Yoga Meditation - We are Ready to Fly

Keep still, Hold your body steady and close your eyes.

Your Meditation just begines:

It's up to you to imagine what's possible, to think big, and to lay claim to your greatness and strengths so you can go into the test, and life, feeling confident and secure that you've done all you can to achieve your best score.

The secrets to your success are being in the flow, trusting the journey and preparing yourself fully. Have integrity, take responsibility and enjoy the ride. Your learning is the culmination of study, feeling confident and calm.

Concentrate our attention on the sound of the breath. An easy way to direct our attention to the sound of our breath is by using ear plugs during our practice. Using ear plugs makes the sound of our breath more noticeable which also helps us focus our attention inward. For most of us, noticing more the sound of our breath may not prevent our mind from wandering. A focused breathing is an important start.

Put on your seat belts, get your inner guru ready, because we're ready to fly!
Chinese Overview: Yoga meditation 瑜伽的冥想是不是有点象催眠呢


Sweat More to Keep Healthy in the Natural Way

Recently, the weather is too bad here in Nanjing, it continues this cloudy and rainy days for neary half monthes now, we really couldn't take it any more.

Yesterday evening, when I was watching a health related TV program, some kind of exercise experts said that people should shake sweat more to keep health.

For women, more sweat thought exercise should make you colour look better, since it's a natural way of detoxification, really better works than you putting on some werid facial mask. Sweat more , and don't prevent human body from detoxificating in the natural way! There are so many examples nowadays that people get various kinds of strange diseases by using air-conditioning.

We tend to be very lazy nowadays and can't seem to spare just a little time a day for some sport for our body to get healthy. I kind of feel that if I don't sweat for a long time, I would feel uneasy in the body, those toxic seem to pile up in my body to make my face look more yellow, not good looking, often feeling tired and exthausted.

All you need this time is some exercise to the extent to make your sweat, then you could feel better. Just like this morning, I run to the bus, because time is limited, I have to run, but then after I calmed down with my breath, I feel it's acturally a good thing, I should keep this habit to take a little running in the morning:)

Chinese Overview: 流汗就是排毒,多多运动, 让女人气色更好,真的比敷面膜有效,而且更自然


When You Cry, Women of Water

Some one says, a woman is made of water. I dont kn it is ture or not, maybe just a hint that woman cries more.

When we are very little, we would cry because mom don't buy me delicious food I wanted.

When going to school, we would cry because we get criticized by parents for my not so good score.

When we finally going to work, we may cry because the grievance aften been wrongly criticized by our manager.

When we are head over heels in love, we would cry because of missing each other. When we are married, we may cry beacause of misunderstanding.

Life is long and whatever you are, strong or fragile, seldom anyone who don't have teers. Well, I have tears when seeing a moving movie, reading a story and sometimes when i saw my parents' gray hair ,I would be very grief....I'm too sensitive sometimes.

Between your loved ones, there is a beautiful saying as "Don't cry for anyone,because the one who worth it will never let you cry". Sounds meaningful, but if you want to cry for happiness, just cry out :)

What have you cried for, for happiness or for sadness, it's better shake your feelings then to hide it.

Chinese Overview: 爱哭的女人,女人如水。

Subhealth, Something to Avoid

It's not rare that people in modern society develop some mental disease. That's what we called "subhealth" and it's becoming more and more common now than ever.

I feel that nowadays more and more people are getting into a subhealthy situation because of the increasing pressures on the jobs, houses, relationship, future, things like that.

And sometimes i just so worried about my own health too. You know, sitting all day along near the coumputer, not even move a little bit. Be a night owl, don't take regular exercises and so on. From now on, i will change all these bad habits. Just stick to it, best said then done.

Subhealth in the initial state would be just mental problems, just as feeling blue, Melancholy, but if getting worse, it would cause actural body health problems too, so it should be taken attention too.

I know we are facing a lot of pressures here, finatial crisis added, future is unclear, and life is sometimes too hard. But anyway, be positive, there is light at the end of the tuner.

Chinese Overview: 你处于第三状态"OR"灰色状态"的亚健康状态吗


Funny Film - Beverly Hills Chihuahua

The most impressive lines is "tiny but mighty", so we really got refresh our understanding about the little dog Chihuahua right :) Let the Chihuahua roll.

Hillarious film, yet moving enough. The theme is about love getting stronger between two chihuahuas through hardships. Different type of dogs to make you laught all the time and even the little mouse is cute enough.
Some really funny episode I remembered include: the stray dog with brown color shadow on a single eye got a great bath, and he showed his washed teeth, and their comes a blink in his teeth, saying, "I'm going to make the dog toothpaste AD now". Really laughing my teers out about this.

Another scene really funny is that, when the four rich dogs was enjoying sunshine together along the home pool with each cool style and accessories, the Pekinese dog, is the most hillarious one to me. About the main Chihuahua actor, a selected cute dog with pink mouth, and pink ear, cute cute.

I appreciated the themes of the show, getting in touch with your ancestral history and inner strength, being responsible, not judging others, and finding homes for stray dogs. Really. Ironic when the main selling point in the commercials is Beverly Hills glam.

Chinese Overview: 迪斯尼的“比佛利拜金狗”实在是cute, 赶紧去看看吧,当然了,对吉娃娃过敏者慎入

Switch to Clinique Basic Skin Care

I recently found a great taobao cosmetic seller, she is doing part-time in taobao, selling authentic cosmetic and skin care items. She takes the full time job as a fashion editor, got articles in many famous beauty or fashion magazines, so she clamed to know skin care cosmetic well and also got the cosmetic purchase channel.

I was previously a little hesitate about buying skin care products online, because there is whole lot of fake cosmetic selling in online site. God knows what's in that bottle, maybe it's some self-made werid water. Women care about their skin very much, so we'd rather squeeze our money out to those big malls to bring those magic item home, bearing a big hope in our heart to keep the face beautiful even though we all know that cosmetic is one of the biggest field that with hug profits. We know we are throwing most of our money to water.

Recently I heard the recomendation on bbs and "only lady" forum that Clinique basie skin care combination called three steps face care, is really worth trying, but the added up price for it must exceed RMB1000 in malls, so I got to buy it online. This time, I spent a lot of time trying to find the trustworthy sellers with great reputation, and really frustrated at the first day trying, then the other day, I changed the strategy, I searched the veteran buyers that seem to share the same hobby with me (buying the same clothes, got the same shop collection as me....), I check their shop collections or follow what they have bought and loved, then finally, I succeed. I got the shop that seem to be first sight love.
Chinese Overview: 在网上找一个好卖家,就看你的眼力了; 费尽千辛万苦, 找到了一见钟情的店铺,败了倩碧家家有名的三部曲


The One Suit Yourself is The Best Apparel

Women is an emotional animal, we often do things according by instinct, it applies to shopping for clothing and wearing style you choose sometimes. Then it's Regret that repeatly happens. So do you want to be the lady that good at wearing?

The basic tip for you would be: be more calm and comes more judgement when facing pretty apparel.

Remember that : Classic is classic, your best choice is classic style not fashion items that would be under your wardrobe somewhere after short times. A little special design in the classic style is also requried, depending on your own taste.

Apparel is like choosing husband, the same truth applies both, that is: the one suit yourself is the best, not the best looking ones always the right one for you.

Don't pay too much attention the brand, it will make you blind to the inner components of the apparel, such as the textile, the style, the color and so on.

As to color, black is the classic one, suitable for anycase and never out of fashion, just don't have too much black element is ok.

Pay attention to the apparel match, it's an important lesson and a big one for you to learn through practise. Color match and apparel style match, all reflect your own personality.

Chinese Overview: 衣服和丈夫一样,适合自己的就是最好的。

Would You Quit Your Career for Your Man

Women sometimes could be silly, especially when they are bombed by love.

There are women who would quit her fine jobs for their man, sometimes they want to be the full-time housewife, or go to other city to be together with her beloved man.

I just want to say women should be more wise and calm when making such important decisions that may change your whole life track. It has risks, since without works, your independance would be influenced.

Independence and confidence are two important traits that we don't want to lose even if we are married to a man with enormous forturn, and don't need to worry about money. But who knows the future, the world is crucial sometimes, people can be like caprice. I'm not talking about disspointed stuff here, it's just we need to be wise and more prepared for the future uncertainty.

Women who totally dependent on men would under serious risk by time goes, men who really loves you would be also respect you and your career.

Chinese Overview: 世事难料,女人最好不要完全依靠男人,要保持独立和自信。

Women Who Enjoys Reading are Most Beautiful

Women Who Enjoys Reading are Most Beautiful. They are elegance and special. She is not flowers or finest wines, rather she is a cup of tea with pleasant smell. She would looks full of spririts without any face decor.

I like the women who reads a lot and enjoy a lot in it.

Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability.

Their chief use for delight, is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse; and for ability, is in the judgment, and disposition of business

Reading make a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.

Those women who likes reading also likes to reflect and think of a better way to solve a problem, they are more clever or said IQ is better. Toward books, different women would have different choices, different choices according to various flavors. Thus the effect would be different too. It's a complicated relationship between books and women, women with different tempremants.

Chinese Overview: 读史使人明智,读诗使人灵秀,数学使人周密,科学使人深刻,伦理学使人庄重,逻辑修辞学使人善变。读书的女人最美丽。

Difference Between Women Who Rely on Internet or not

Pretty interesting articles in Chinese, and I translated them as follows:

Women who don't have the online surf would check the refrigeratory first at home to see if there is any food out there to be made. Women who addicted to online surf would check the latest posts on the BBS board to see if there is anything new and funny.

Women who don't surf would often go to the body and face care center to looking for beauty, while on the other hand, it would be used to surf onlilne instead by those opposite women.

Women who don't surf would go to bed early to ensure enough good sleep to keep their face looking good, while Women who addicted to surf would be totally unsleepless in the night.

Women who don't surf would feel a little bit dissapointed when heard people say that the outside world is very wonderful, while the women who surf would think instead that the online world be even more wonderful.

Women who don't surf would feel time passed so slow, Women who surf feel times really passed too quick to even notice.

Chinese Overview: 也许我更愿意做一个不上网的女人,只是现实是残酷的。

Capture the Magic Moments of Sunshine

Sunshine and sunset, there is magic moments once in a while.

Could you capture it ?

Classic and warm shot in some rural place in Europe by a friend of mine.

Beautiful sky and perfect ray, nature is amazing. The scene never fails to impress me. A gently waving sea of pretty yellow blossoms stretches up to a cloud-dotted, endless blue sky.

Winter holds its charm just like summer when eveything turns green.

Chinese Overview: 冬日的温暖和色彩,日落瞬间


What if I Don't Used to High Heels

I'm one of those women who don't quite used to wear high heels. It would make walk like a torture. Many women like high heels since it kind of improves their temprament and will make them feel more confident when walking.

Once I have made my mind to wear one for a lilttle while, thought of time could relieve my feeling of pain and finally get rid of it, but I failed. I feel quite uneasy when I wear them, even if from other people's perspective, I look more slim and morden.

Acturally, there is some pitty things when you don't wear high heel, such as you can't wear thouse nice pants with made of more OL textile (OL means Office Lady). And some straight pants were more suitable for wearing with a high heels and that would make your leg longer and slim, you buns more up straight.
But I have to stop thinking of those kinds of textiles and apparel and return to casual choices like cotton or jeans. Well, what can I do, I remember last time I have tried the high heels, that shoe looked quite smart but it had really high heels, and after a few hours on my feet I was in agony and there was nothing I could do about it, but keep them in my closet, save as a history, a reminder for me that I'm not a high heel type girl.
Chinese Overview: 穿和不穿高跟鞋的烦恼


Discover the Joys of Practicing Yoga Outdoor

We are all connected to all that we are surrounded by, we may just never have the time to notice. Outdoor yoga allow us to experience all that goes on in everyday life from the sounds, the smells, the animals and birds and even just the people. See the sunrise, the moon set and discover the joys of practicing Yoga in the outdoors

Without the restrictions of four walls. Feel the warmth of the sun and use the outdoor sounds of the waves, wind or birds for your meditation.

Tips for outdoor yoga:
- Find a good spot! You don't need a lot of room, but find a spot that is fairly level and will be comfortable for you as far as sun & shade. If you don't have a yard, maybe there's a place in a park that will suit you.

- If you live in a hot climate, practice early in the morning to avoid the hottest part of the day. Early mornings are a time when nature is springing to life and there's an abundance of good energy.

- Don't worry about music, cd's, etc. Enjoy connecting with nature and letting your body lead your practice.

- Don't try to control the environment. An ant might crawl on your mat; a neighbor might start up his lawn mower. Try to stay focused on the breath and the experience, knowing that you are part of the world and have to share it.
- Don't forget pranayama and meditation -- it feels wonderful to do these practices outside!

Chinese Overview: 户外瑜伽也是别有一番风情哦,和大自然身心交融。

Is Yoga Help Women to Keep Fit

Lots of women holds the doubt that whether yoga is a good way to keep fit, in other words, losing weight.

Em, yoga isn't the best exercise as far as losing weight is concerned, but that shouldn't stop you from practicing it. Yoga is an excellent discipline, and regular practice helps maintain flexibility, improve coordination and eliminate stress. And since it controls the mind in some positive way, so if you holds the idea of losing weight very intensly, it would help you achieve this aim in a more undirect way.

Losing weight with yoga means focusing on yoga postures that help raise the metabolism and helps to burn calories and reduce stress at the same time, as yoga is a relaxing way of exercising. Yoga does burn less calories than other sports such as jogging or swimming, unless you practise ashtanga or power yoga. However, yoga should be practised within a certain frame of mind.

Utilizing the spiritual and mental side of yoga when you are trying to lose weight is imperative. Changing your mentality and gearing your mind towards feeling better about yourself and being convinced that you will be successful in changing yourself for the better is necessary to be successful when you opt for yoga for weight loss.

Chinese Overview: 如果纯粹想减肥,就不要练瑜伽了;但如果不是抱着减肥的目的,也许会“无心插柳柳成阴”呢

Women Yoga Diet - Nourish the Body, Nurture the Mind

The Yoga Diet is a way to find your ideal weight and achieve emotional and spiritual balance by redefining your relationship with food.

Yoga diet is not a diet in the sense of counting calories or complicated menu planning. The Yoga Diet does not require you to feel hungry or go without.

You don't need to be a Yoga practitioner – all you need is a desire to live a better life by following a diet that has been proven over thousands of years to build strong bodies and minds. The Yoga Diet is also a known and trusted path to longevity and enlightenment.

Yoga is a healthy way of lifestyle and this lifestyle requires healthy food to go with it. There are different kinds of yoga diet and food choice, hard to choose from, since everyone is different concerning the taste and habit.

Someone perfer only vegetables, and someone suggest that a little bit of meat is no harm at all, it all depends on you.

The basic principle of nutrition, from the yoga perspective, is to eat small quantities of high quality foods. The high quality foods are those which promote the life force of the body without producing toxins. The recommended foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Incredibly, yoga's principles of nutrition are very similar to what modern science has discovered in more recent times.

Chinese Overview: Nourish the Body, Nurture the Mind 滋补了身体也滋养了身心。

Yoga Time for Your Mind and Body

Yoga, in general is a process that helps you move toward greater health and well being. It can be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Yoga is a 5000 years old philosophy originating in India.

Recognized for its benefits, yoga is practiced to bring health to the body, to integrate the opposites of the mind and to lead one to a place of stillness and peace. From within that stillness, one can more fully experience spirituality in the context of one's own religion and personal beliefs.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

Pain relief, stress relief, better digestion
Improved sleep,deep relaxation, easier breathing
Release of chronic back and neck tension, increased body awareness
Increased flexibility, a sense of ease in your body
A deep sense of peace

Fine Your Inner Piece

The mind controls the body, thus when a person constant becomes acquainted with their mind and body they often find inner peace. If a person is searching to lose weight, or else relieve pain yoga can help the person feel relief, which leads to a measure of inner peace.

Still, yoga is never enough to find true inner peace. Some say being true to your self-helps you to find the inner peace, however, true to your self extends further, since you must find truth to be honest with everyone. When people lie, cheat, steal, or feel doubt the emotions are in constant motion until a truth comes available. Once the truth is evident and facts are available to prove the truths, thus the person finds relief. When people adhere to criminal thinking or actions, thus the emotions are active and guilt entraps the mind, thus peace is never available.

Chinese Overview : Yoga 瑜伽对于心灵的修炼,可以提高意志的力量