Let's Go Fishing This Weekend

Fishing sounds like such a rare exercise that's nearly forgotten by yough people just like you and me. There seems to be only older guys who enjoy this activity, but totally not the case since I have a boyfriend who also enjoys fishing.

The best fishing area is in the wild area where natura is in bloom and you can have a pretty good mood, enjoying the calm and pleasure of waiting and capturing the big fish. There acturally is not many such places out there since pollution destroyes everything.
My boyfriend always recall the good time in the past, when the sky is bluer, the water is so clean, and the fish is more happier. He lives in a city surrounded by rivers, so it's a very common thing to go fishing those days, when the lunch is what you have captured. So funny and do natural.
Now, we rarely got the chances to go fishing. The life radom is going so fast, fishing seem to be too slow to adapt to this quick society, but sometimes, we need some calm, we need some patience, and we need a different kind of feeling and mood.
So let's go fishing this weekend.
Chinese Overview: 钓鱼似乎与现代快节奏的生活格格不入,但是,钓鱼人的心境你又何尝能懂?