Are You a Pants Type or Skirt Type

I'm pants type, I like to wear straight pants, or slim pants and it makes my leg looks great. I seldom wear skirt for many reasons. It maybe a little two sexy to leak something out, (you know what I mean, these days, there is many secret camaras outhere). And skirt is not so perfect choice for a perfect leg shape if you want your leg be your bright point of your whole wear.

Whether it's slim pants or straight pants, it all looks great and just avoid the wider size at the feet area, that will look very awkward, which may be more suitable for the fat leg. Anyway, I like the pants to be fit the body, not too wide or too slim.

Pants don't always have to be jeans. Jeans is classic and fit to nearly any clothing, that's correct. But you need different styles and fabric. Expecially in summer, the jeans maybe a little bit too hot to wear, you need some more cozy and thin fabric, soft and thin.
It's hard to buy one perfect pants that every size is just to the point. If you find one, then you are just too dam lucky, just like I have found one on taobao that with the perfect size for me.

As to the color, I often choose the basic ones. Some too bright ones and those color which doesn't fit my other clothing in the wardrobe would be out of my consideration.

Chinese Overview: 要想突出修长的腿型,那么选小直筒裤,肯定没错