How Come They Become "Left-Over" Girls

There is a new group of girl called "left-over" girls in morden China. They are all left by love, by marriage.

Those single women would not be totally looking bad, maybe some of them be so, but in fact, many of them are young and well educated (university degree holders). They are slow in marriage, not mean they are quit trying to look for a partner. It's just so hard for them to find the perfect one.

Leftover girls may also been called the "3S women", which means, single, senventies, stuck. Some women would be very indepentant, not at all need to rely on men. They have great jobs, got cars, big houses. So ordinary men could not dare to be near them, and as to those outstanding men, they are no need to hurry in marriage more. So, those successful girls are been left behind.

Acturally, there is two kinds of women, Smart or Not Smart. So even if you are not finding your other half for now, you could still keep your smart quality.
Elegance and avoid affectation
Confident but not self-centered
Enchanting, but not be ravelment
Be strong and protect yourself when hard times come
Waiting for your right time, hold the believe that “not married is better than wrongly married.”

Chinese Overview: 做剩女并不可怕,可怕的是对自己失去了信心