Marry a Man Who Cookes Well

Do your husband cookes fine dish for you? Or he is just too busy to spare time to spend in the kitchen. When I was a little girl, the price in my dream would be handsome and wealthy. But when I grow older, I feel that a man knows how to live a life well and really cares abou you is the one that you could invest your whole lifetime.

A man enjoyes life often enjoyes preparing food in the kitchen. It doesn't mean they are not doing well in the job and just a staying-at-home man. Quite the contrary, for example, my loved man is doing excellent in his job, while he is also cared about what we eat to stay health everyday.

My cute man is good at cooking fish since he is coming from a fish town. Anyway, fish is good than any meat, pig or chicken. Whether its sea fish or just local fish, he can handle them really well and turns out tasty. One colleage once told me that, you are such a lucky women to find a great man who is really intelligent in computer techonology stuff and smart in kitchen job.

Chinese Overview: 试验是否是好男人,先下个厨房试试。