Classic Items in My Wardrobe - Trench Coat

There is some classic apparel items that you must collect in your wardrobe. For me, it's trench coat.

I'm quite in love with a trench coat since I have a tall and slim body that perfectly suits a trench coat sttyle and fits that temperament a trench coat required too.

The most famous brand for trench coat must be Buberry with its England flavor; here is some history for it here:

Trench Coat Soon after it was designed by Thomas Burberry for soldiers to wear during World War I, the trench coat became a fashion must-have for women as well as men.

Wear it over jeans and instantly transform yourself into Audrey Hepburn. Wear it over a cocktail dress for a dressed-down but polished evening look.

Burberry's taffeta wrap trench, $1,195, from the spring 2009 collection is an investment you will wear for years. You are very fashionable . My principle is that dealing with the old ones before buying new ones .

Maybe because I couldn't afford it, I like the japanease brand called ICB better, since it is more Asian flavored. The trench coat in the left picture is from ICB, 2009 sping new release.

Chinese Overview: 我爱风衣,就像老鼠爱大米