Buying A Decent Watch Online ?

Purchasing the watch on line, sounds crazy, but if I reckon the past successful online shopping experience when we bought amazingly great stuff from online C2C site, such as the Dell D410 laptop with extreme high configuration, and all those classic apparel in my wardrobe, then I would not consider it as a great risk.

I compare the price of our desired watch to the big malls, it got a big RMB1000 gap here. We don't want to throw our sweat money into their big evil mouth anyway.We would use the saved money to give ourselves a lot great feast.

I pretty sure we would buy the watch on line this month or maybe next month. It's a gift for my boyfriend, he said the other day that he want a watch, then I thought it's something that should be bought by the girl friend. SO why in the earth does he want a watch for ? His anwer really got me speechless, which is when he was having a telephone meetings, he would no longer watch the cellphone for the time :)

I think watch is something that a man must have. My love is a department leader now, he maybe need the watch to add some serious look :) Just kidding.

I think those small gadgets can make a man happy, if so, whatever the cost, I would buy, since I want him to be happy everyday.

Chinese Overview: 网上手表比现实要便宜1000, 让人动心呢。