Can We not Encounter Jam Everyday

One can never get a idea of how the Nanjing changjiang bridge is jamed every rush hour only if you get the experience. We have to pass the dam bridge everyday in our company bus to the office. It's the worst area for go to work I suppose since it has the worst traffic jam here.

It really frustrate people just me who would have big headache when in a congest bus for too long and even got stomach feeling uneasy some day or another. I have been tired of this lifestyle that loose 3 hours to the bus everyday. I have to endure the unpleasure and torture for now.
How I envy those who can work by the
subways or near the center of the city, they won't squize every weekend time to do what could be done on usual working days, like shopping for clothing, bank issues and so on.
I have confidence that things would getting better and I would have more time to enjoy the great life.
Never lose hope in the hardships, the end of the dark is light. I always hold the believe. After all, I'm a girl with a positive mind.
Chinese Overview: 光明前的黑暗