Never Use Cosmetic, He Still Gots Perfect Skin

It sometimes make me jealous that my boyfriend's face and skin is always staying in the perfect state, white and tener. No matter how he stay up late or how the wind blow his face or how the sun do the damage to his face, his skin will return untouched like a brand new version when after a deep good sleep.

That make me thinking, what's the meaning of the money and time that been spending on the cosmetic by me. Those so-called sun-protection cream, water supplements stuff.......is all that joke.

Anyway, I can't live without those basic facial protection cosmetic since my face can't take it when loose it. I was not born a natural good skin, my gene is completely draging my leg behind. Dam.
My peas size whelk keep poping up even though I'm not young girl anyway. And my face keep emiting oil, which is enought to fry a dish everyday.

Those cosmetic seem to not make any invisible impovement and is just psychological comfort. The best way I believe is the old truth: do more sleep, do more excercise, keep away the sun, eat more fruit.

Chinese Overview: 为何我LG连洗面奶都不用,皮肤却如此之好。皮肤是99%的天生和1%的后天。