Tata Shoes as Women Festival Gift

During the past women festival on 8, March, do you get any gift from your loved ones or buy some long desired stuff for yourself.

Many women would to the cosmetic counter in big malls on this special day, since there maybe a lot benifits and little sample giving out, so the most cost-efficient day to buy expensive cosmetic that day.

As to me, what I want so much is one pair of fish front shoes and I already have my eyes fixed on one brand, Tata, I tried one of the spring new shoes, and find it a perfect choice for my new straight pants. Besides, very cozy feeling in it too. I'm not quite used to the high-heels, and this one is ramp.

In fact, the price is not so appealing to me, and I can't see any shadow from the finantial crisis in this surprising price. But women should sometimes be hard to herself, means be tough when spending money. Oh, I'm kind of regreting the impulse action, maybe I should buy it onlin, which would save a lot.

Chinese Overview: 三八节,我给自己买了一双Tata 的鞋