Storming Saturady and Misty Sunday

It's kind of funny that the weather always turns against our wish. We want it to be sunny and warm in the weekend, so we could eventurally go to climb the Zhongshan mountains or went to Xuanwuhu again to watch those funny dogs, but don't ever plan anything too early to upset yourself, since the weather master got such a strange temper. It fustrate us again and again, this past weekend with storming saturday and misty sunday, really enough to take.

We have to stuck at home, only to go to the food maket to stay alive :) I wonder it's the reason of the increasing air pollution or what, the weather always get so misty in Nanjing, the misty days is so many that it really make me crazy since I got some irritating nose problem.
Someone said if I was living in some cleans places such as Canada,or Japan, I would got them all cured. But I'm nowhere to go, I have to take this.
I catch cold again, and this historially nose problem got win again by virture of the flu. I hate the weather, I hate the misty and I totally hate the dam air from the cars everywhere. Could not we have a more clean and more natural place to live. No wonder those rich people always go to live in the far country side. Fresh air is all I need.
Chinese Overview: 我想,我只是想要干净的空气,没想到,这也变成了一种奢侈。