Ture Love for Women Past 30

I heard a joke the other day about finding true love for old women and old men.

"How is the possibility for women past 30 to find her true love?
Answer: Just like the possibilty that poor men past 30 could find her true love"

So tipical for the reality in China, women woship beauty, youth. Men needs more money to add charm. Anyway, it's just a joke. I'm a girl who believes "fate", your loved ones should come in due time. Besides, 30 years old is still seen as very young, for god sake, we are not in the old society now. Most women just finished colleage studies in 23, let alone someone would like to pusue a more higher degree, and after a few years work in the society, years passed us quickly unnoticed by us. Then time is so limited, we don't have enough time to find our life partner yet, but age is becoming a problem. Oh, the society is giving us too much pressures already.

I think the most obstacle for women past 30 is that, traditionally, people think women would have less preganant ability when they are older. Poor girls, Having babies is one big lesson in our life that everyone must face.

Just follow your hearts.

Chinese Overview: 30的女人就找不到真爱了。No way, You still got chances.

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  1. I like your statement, pursuing something in your own life either meeting the right gentlement or career is never be too late!!!!!!!!!!!