V-Neck Knitwear - OL Must-Haves

OL is short for Office Lady:)

OL loves V-neck knitwear in spring. It got the temprament that we want. A high neck under shirt inside and a V-neck knitwear outside, which turns out a classic OL pattern. You must own one.

There is such a variety of choices for the knitwear color. Again I have to say it's so lucky to be a woman to enjoy so much colourful apparel which giving us a colourful world and differnet feelings.

We need to pay more attention to the color, collocation of differnet color is a big question you want to learn well. And it's a basic skill that a fashion girl owns and handles well.

Black and greay is always classic, but sometimes you maybe so tired of the straight line and you want to be against the mold for a while with a bright color choice.

I kind like of the peafowl green and peafowl blue, all temprament type of color for you.

Chinese Overview: V 领针织衫是OL必备哦,多彩的色彩搭配出不同的气质。