How Would You Back Up Your Men's Career

Men are traditionally considered the main backbone of the family, so their career development is crucial to the family happiness. But no matter how competent he is, he needs a great women behind him, just like the old sayings: Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.

How would you back up your men's career

Don't be like a kitty everyday, hoping to have him with you all the time, let him do what he needs to do. Do more thinking about how to keep his body healthy, trying to make great recipe to give him the dinner in the right time with right food choice. Tell him to do less more drinking, no smoking and do more exercise.
Don't try to be a tough women, trying to be parallel with him in every possible way. As a woman, no matter how tough you are, you still have to give birth, raise kids in the end anyway. Your have to choose between your career and your family, it can't be both according to more previous instances out there and I believe you don't won't to repeat other's mistake.
I'm not belittle women in the above, my point is that cultivating your loved man is your biggest career in the life. Choose the right man in the beginning, that's crucial.

Chinese Overview: 男人的事业是一家幸福的保障,女人会学会正确支持另一半的事业