CCIE - My Boyfriend's Targeted Credantials

CCIE is short for: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

What CCIE certification stands for:
CCIE identifies experts with the skills and experience to handle the most challenging assignments in their field. CCIE exams are constantly updated and revised to evolve with the industry, focusing on current technologies and real-world applications.
CCIE is recognized worldwide as the most respected high-level certification in the industry (see Awards & Recognitions). The program continually updates and revises its testing tools and methodologies to ensure unparalleled program quality, relevance and value.

CCIE is an objective way to compare individuals, or job candidates, with different experience and backgrounds.

Even now someone says that Cisco's CCIE is no longer the biggest cash cow of IT certification, but it is still a great cash cow. I believe in our city, there is only few people (maybe less than ten) that holds a CCIE credantial. So you can see its value.

Chinese Overview: LG 30岁之前的目标就是拿下这个CCIE证书