Are Girls not Competent for Advanced IT Work ?

Advanced IT work like Internetwork requires a very logical mindset and great learning skills, that's what the general girls are lack of. There is some tough girls out there who can even be more qualified than men, they are really few genius. But according to my boyfriend who are in this IT field, men often belittle women, take them as a joke.

My boyfriend often tell me those funny stories about the two girls in his team, about how they got really great schoolbook knowlegdge, but whenever facing any actural project, they would turn to him for help. My boyfriend is updating his knowledge day by day, since IT is such a quickly changing field, you need to catch up with the latest trend to stay cool. But those girls, they are reluctant to learn, because they are really not interested in them, unlike him.
That's the case for girls in my boyfriend's team, and I think if a girl determined to work in the IT field, and do the technical part, than she should have got really interest and enough hardwork than boys. We girls are also brilliant and can do it well.

Chinese Overview: 和男人拼饭碗,做技术的女孩需要付出更多的汗水,但是会一样出色。