How to Relieve Computer Harm to Your Face

Most of the office employees live with the computers now. Women always worried about the radiation from computers would make their face look older and especially the pregenant women would feel the most worried since it's said radiation from computers may harm their unborn baby.

Our eyes often feel tired and dry when facing the computer for a day long, and how to protect the face from the hurt. Many women thought cosmetics may help, but I think the most effective way would be drink more water, green tea the better, and give your face a careful cleaning with water every few hours to clean the unseen dust in the skin.

Keep a good working habit, evey once in a while, let your eyes and body be free and do a little exercise, it would do great help. Don't keep still for too long, it would hurt your shoulder in the long wrong. If you don't want to be left with lots of discomfort when you are not young anymore, you need to pay more attention to the rest skills that may relieve the hurt from sitting too long in front of the computers.

May wish someday, the computers techonology would take a great leap forward, and leaves us no harm anymore, or there comes another alternatives to work more happily and enjoy life better.

Chinese Overview: 电脑辐射日复一日,要多喝水,多洗脸来保护你的皮肤