Sweat More to Keep Healthy in the Natural Way

Recently, the weather is too bad here in Nanjing, it continues this cloudy and rainy days for neary half monthes now, we really couldn't take it any more.

Yesterday evening, when I was watching a health related TV program, some kind of exercise experts said that people should shake sweat more to keep health.

For women, more sweat thought exercise should make you colour look better, since it's a natural way of detoxification, really better works than you putting on some werid facial mask. Sweat more , and don't prevent human body from detoxificating in the natural way! There are so many examples nowadays that people get various kinds of strange diseases by using air-conditioning.

We tend to be very lazy nowadays and can't seem to spare just a little time a day for some sport for our body to get healthy. I kind of feel that if I don't sweat for a long time, I would feel uneasy in the body, those toxic seem to pile up in my body to make my face look more yellow, not good looking, often feeling tired and exthausted.

All you need this time is some exercise to the extent to make your sweat, then you could feel better. Just like this morning, I run to the bus, because time is limited, I have to run, but then after I calmed down with my breath, I feel it's acturally a good thing, I should keep this habit to take a little running in the morning:)

Chinese Overview: 流汗就是排毒,多多运动, 让女人气色更好,真的比敷面膜有效,而且更自然


When You Cry, Women of Water

Some one says, a woman is made of water. I dont kn it is ture or not, maybe just a hint that woman cries more.

When we are very little, we would cry because mom don't buy me delicious food I wanted.

When going to school, we would cry because we get criticized by parents for my not so good score.

When we finally going to work, we may cry because the grievance aften been wrongly criticized by our manager.

When we are head over heels in love, we would cry because of missing each other. When we are married, we may cry beacause of misunderstanding.

Life is long and whatever you are, strong or fragile, seldom anyone who don't have teers. Well, I have tears when seeing a moving movie, reading a story and sometimes when i saw my parents' gray hair ,I would be very grief....I'm too sensitive sometimes.

Between your loved ones, there is a beautiful saying as "Don't cry for anyone,because the one who worth it will never let you cry". Sounds meaningful, but if you want to cry for happiness, just cry out :)

What have you cried for, for happiness or for sadness, it's better shake your feelings then to hide it.

Chinese Overview: 爱哭的女人,女人如水。

Subhealth, Something to Avoid

It's not rare that people in modern society develop some mental disease. That's what we called "subhealth" and it's becoming more and more common now than ever.

I feel that nowadays more and more people are getting into a subhealthy situation because of the increasing pressures on the jobs, houses, relationship, future, things like that.

And sometimes i just so worried about my own health too. You know, sitting all day along near the coumputer, not even move a little bit. Be a night owl, don't take regular exercises and so on. From now on, i will change all these bad habits. Just stick to it, best said then done.

Subhealth in the initial state would be just mental problems, just as feeling blue, Melancholy, but if getting worse, it would cause actural body health problems too, so it should be taken attention too.

I know we are facing a lot of pressures here, finatial crisis added, future is unclear, and life is sometimes too hard. But anyway, be positive, there is light at the end of the tuner.

Chinese Overview: 你处于第三状态"OR"灰色状态"的亚健康状态吗


Funny Film - Beverly Hills Chihuahua

The most impressive lines is "tiny but mighty", so we really got refresh our understanding about the little dog Chihuahua right :) Let the Chihuahua roll.

Hillarious film, yet moving enough. The theme is about love getting stronger between two chihuahuas through hardships. Different type of dogs to make you laught all the time and even the little mouse is cute enough.
Some really funny episode I remembered include: the stray dog with brown color shadow on a single eye got a great bath, and he showed his washed teeth, and their comes a blink in his teeth, saying, "I'm going to make the dog toothpaste AD now". Really laughing my teers out about this.

Another scene really funny is that, when the four rich dogs was enjoying sunshine together along the home pool with each cool style and accessories, the Pekinese dog, is the most hillarious one to me. About the main Chihuahua actor, a selected cute dog with pink mouth, and pink ear, cute cute.

I appreciated the themes of the show, getting in touch with your ancestral history and inner strength, being responsible, not judging others, and finding homes for stray dogs. Really. Ironic when the main selling point in the commercials is Beverly Hills glam.

Chinese Overview: 迪斯尼的“比佛利拜金狗”实在是cute, 赶紧去看看吧,当然了,对吉娃娃过敏者慎入

Switch to Clinique Basic Skin Care

I recently found a great taobao cosmetic seller, she is doing part-time in taobao, selling authentic cosmetic and skin care items. She takes the full time job as a fashion editor, got articles in many famous beauty or fashion magazines, so she clamed to know skin care cosmetic well and also got the cosmetic purchase channel.

I was previously a little hesitate about buying skin care products online, because there is whole lot of fake cosmetic selling in online site. God knows what's in that bottle, maybe it's some self-made werid water. Women care about their skin very much, so we'd rather squeeze our money out to those big malls to bring those magic item home, bearing a big hope in our heart to keep the face beautiful even though we all know that cosmetic is one of the biggest field that with hug profits. We know we are throwing most of our money to water.

Recently I heard the recomendation on bbs and "only lady" forum that Clinique basie skin care combination called three steps face care, is really worth trying, but the added up price for it must exceed RMB1000 in malls, so I got to buy it online. This time, I spent a lot of time trying to find the trustworthy sellers with great reputation, and really frustrated at the first day trying, then the other day, I changed the strategy, I searched the veteran buyers that seem to share the same hobby with me (buying the same clothes, got the same shop collection as me....), I check their shop collections or follow what they have bought and loved, then finally, I succeed. I got the shop that seem to be first sight love.
Chinese Overview: 在网上找一个好卖家,就看你的眼力了; 费尽千辛万苦, 找到了一见钟情的店铺,败了倩碧家家有名的三部曲


The One Suit Yourself is The Best Apparel

Women is an emotional animal, we often do things according by instinct, it applies to shopping for clothing and wearing style you choose sometimes. Then it's Regret that repeatly happens. So do you want to be the lady that good at wearing?

The basic tip for you would be: be more calm and comes more judgement when facing pretty apparel.

Remember that : Classic is classic, your best choice is classic style not fashion items that would be under your wardrobe somewhere after short times. A little special design in the classic style is also requried, depending on your own taste.

Apparel is like choosing husband, the same truth applies both, that is: the one suit yourself is the best, not the best looking ones always the right one for you.

Don't pay too much attention the brand, it will make you blind to the inner components of the apparel, such as the textile, the style, the color and so on.

As to color, black is the classic one, suitable for anycase and never out of fashion, just don't have too much black element is ok.

Pay attention to the apparel match, it's an important lesson and a big one for you to learn through practise. Color match and apparel style match, all reflect your own personality.

Chinese Overview: 衣服和丈夫一样,适合自己的就是最好的。

Would You Quit Your Career for Your Man

Women sometimes could be silly, especially when they are bombed by love.

There are women who would quit her fine jobs for their man, sometimes they want to be the full-time housewife, or go to other city to be together with her beloved man.

I just want to say women should be more wise and calm when making such important decisions that may change your whole life track. It has risks, since without works, your independance would be influenced.

Independence and confidence are two important traits that we don't want to lose even if we are married to a man with enormous forturn, and don't need to worry about money. But who knows the future, the world is crucial sometimes, people can be like caprice. I'm not talking about disspointed stuff here, it's just we need to be wise and more prepared for the future uncertainty.

Women who totally dependent on men would under serious risk by time goes, men who really loves you would be also respect you and your career.

Chinese Overview: 世事难料,女人最好不要完全依靠男人,要保持独立和自信。

Women Who Enjoys Reading are Most Beautiful

Women Who Enjoys Reading are Most Beautiful. They are elegance and special. She is not flowers or finest wines, rather she is a cup of tea with pleasant smell. She would looks full of spririts without any face decor.

I like the women who reads a lot and enjoy a lot in it.

Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability.

Their chief use for delight, is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse; and for ability, is in the judgment, and disposition of business

Reading make a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.

Those women who likes reading also likes to reflect and think of a better way to solve a problem, they are more clever or said IQ is better. Toward books, different women would have different choices, different choices according to various flavors. Thus the effect would be different too. It's a complicated relationship between books and women, women with different tempremants.

Chinese Overview: 读史使人明智,读诗使人灵秀,数学使人周密,科学使人深刻,伦理学使人庄重,逻辑修辞学使人善变。读书的女人最美丽。

Difference Between Women Who Rely on Internet or not

Pretty interesting articles in Chinese, and I translated them as follows:

Women who don't have the online surf would check the refrigeratory first at home to see if there is any food out there to be made. Women who addicted to online surf would check the latest posts on the BBS board to see if there is anything new and funny.

Women who don't surf would often go to the body and face care center to looking for beauty, while on the other hand, it would be used to surf onlilne instead by those opposite women.

Women who don't surf would go to bed early to ensure enough good sleep to keep their face looking good, while Women who addicted to surf would be totally unsleepless in the night.

Women who don't surf would feel a little bit dissapointed when heard people say that the outside world is very wonderful, while the women who surf would think instead that the online world be even more wonderful.

Women who don't surf would feel time passed so slow, Women who surf feel times really passed too quick to even notice.

Chinese Overview: 也许我更愿意做一个不上网的女人,只是现实是残酷的。

Capture the Magic Moments of Sunshine

Sunshine and sunset, there is magic moments once in a while.

Could you capture it ?

Classic and warm shot in some rural place in Europe by a friend of mine.

Beautiful sky and perfect ray, nature is amazing. The scene never fails to impress me. A gently waving sea of pretty yellow blossoms stretches up to a cloud-dotted, endless blue sky.

Winter holds its charm just like summer when eveything turns green.

Chinese Overview: 冬日的温暖和色彩,日落瞬间


What if I Don't Used to High Heels

I'm one of those women who don't quite used to wear high heels. It would make walk like a torture. Many women like high heels since it kind of improves their temprament and will make them feel more confident when walking.

Once I have made my mind to wear one for a lilttle while, thought of time could relieve my feeling of pain and finally get rid of it, but I failed. I feel quite uneasy when I wear them, even if from other people's perspective, I look more slim and morden.

Acturally, there is some pitty things when you don't wear high heel, such as you can't wear thouse nice pants with made of more OL textile (OL means Office Lady). And some straight pants were more suitable for wearing with a high heels and that would make your leg longer and slim, you buns more up straight.
But I have to stop thinking of those kinds of textiles and apparel and return to casual choices like cotton or jeans. Well, what can I do, I remember last time I have tried the high heels, that shoe looked quite smart but it had really high heels, and after a few hours on my feet I was in agony and there was nothing I could do about it, but keep them in my closet, save as a history, a reminder for me that I'm not a high heel type girl.
Chinese Overview: 穿和不穿高跟鞋的烦恼


Discover the Joys of Practicing Yoga Outdoor

We are all connected to all that we are surrounded by, we may just never have the time to notice. Outdoor yoga allow us to experience all that goes on in everyday life from the sounds, the smells, the animals and birds and even just the people. See the sunrise, the moon set and discover the joys of practicing Yoga in the outdoors

Without the restrictions of four walls. Feel the warmth of the sun and use the outdoor sounds of the waves, wind or birds for your meditation.

Tips for outdoor yoga:
- Find a good spot! You don't need a lot of room, but find a spot that is fairly level and will be comfortable for you as far as sun & shade. If you don't have a yard, maybe there's a place in a park that will suit you.

- If you live in a hot climate, practice early in the morning to avoid the hottest part of the day. Early mornings are a time when nature is springing to life and there's an abundance of good energy.

- Don't worry about music, cd's, etc. Enjoy connecting with nature and letting your body lead your practice.

- Don't try to control the environment. An ant might crawl on your mat; a neighbor might start up his lawn mower. Try to stay focused on the breath and the experience, knowing that you are part of the world and have to share it.
- Don't forget pranayama and meditation -- it feels wonderful to do these practices outside!

Chinese Overview: 户外瑜伽也是别有一番风情哦,和大自然身心交融。

Is Yoga Help Women to Keep Fit

Lots of women holds the doubt that whether yoga is a good way to keep fit, in other words, losing weight.

Em, yoga isn't the best exercise as far as losing weight is concerned, but that shouldn't stop you from practicing it. Yoga is an excellent discipline, and regular practice helps maintain flexibility, improve coordination and eliminate stress. And since it controls the mind in some positive way, so if you holds the idea of losing weight very intensly, it would help you achieve this aim in a more undirect way.

Losing weight with yoga means focusing on yoga postures that help raise the metabolism and helps to burn calories and reduce stress at the same time, as yoga is a relaxing way of exercising. Yoga does burn less calories than other sports such as jogging or swimming, unless you practise ashtanga or power yoga. However, yoga should be practised within a certain frame of mind.

Utilizing the spiritual and mental side of yoga when you are trying to lose weight is imperative. Changing your mentality and gearing your mind towards feeling better about yourself and being convinced that you will be successful in changing yourself for the better is necessary to be successful when you opt for yoga for weight loss.

Chinese Overview: 如果纯粹想减肥,就不要练瑜伽了;但如果不是抱着减肥的目的,也许会“无心插柳柳成阴”呢

Women Yoga Diet - Nourish the Body, Nurture the Mind

The Yoga Diet is a way to find your ideal weight and achieve emotional and spiritual balance by redefining your relationship with food.

Yoga diet is not a diet in the sense of counting calories or complicated menu planning. The Yoga Diet does not require you to feel hungry or go without.

You don't need to be a Yoga practitioner – all you need is a desire to live a better life by following a diet that has been proven over thousands of years to build strong bodies and minds. The Yoga Diet is also a known and trusted path to longevity and enlightenment.

Yoga is a healthy way of lifestyle and this lifestyle requires healthy food to go with it. There are different kinds of yoga diet and food choice, hard to choose from, since everyone is different concerning the taste and habit.

Someone perfer only vegetables, and someone suggest that a little bit of meat is no harm at all, it all depends on you.

The basic principle of nutrition, from the yoga perspective, is to eat small quantities of high quality foods. The high quality foods are those which promote the life force of the body without producing toxins. The recommended foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Incredibly, yoga's principles of nutrition are very similar to what modern science has discovered in more recent times.

Chinese Overview: Nourish the Body, Nurture the Mind 滋补了身体也滋养了身心。

Yoga Time for Your Mind and Body

Yoga, in general is a process that helps you move toward greater health and well being. It can be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Yoga is a 5000 years old philosophy originating in India.

Recognized for its benefits, yoga is practiced to bring health to the body, to integrate the opposites of the mind and to lead one to a place of stillness and peace. From within that stillness, one can more fully experience spirituality in the context of one's own religion and personal beliefs.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

Pain relief, stress relief, better digestion
Improved sleep,deep relaxation, easier breathing
Release of chronic back and neck tension, increased body awareness
Increased flexibility, a sense of ease in your body
A deep sense of peace

Fine Your Inner Piece

The mind controls the body, thus when a person constant becomes acquainted with their mind and body they often find inner peace. If a person is searching to lose weight, or else relieve pain yoga can help the person feel relief, which leads to a measure of inner peace.

Still, yoga is never enough to find true inner peace. Some say being true to your self-helps you to find the inner peace, however, true to your self extends further, since you must find truth to be honest with everyone. When people lie, cheat, steal, or feel doubt the emotions are in constant motion until a truth comes available. Once the truth is evident and facts are available to prove the truths, thus the person finds relief. When people adhere to criminal thinking or actions, thus the emotions are active and guilt entraps the mind, thus peace is never available.

Chinese Overview : Yoga 瑜伽对于心灵的修炼,可以提高意志的力量


So Beautiful - Are You the One by Timo Tolkki

Singe: Are You the One
By: Timo Tolkki
Are you the one?
The traveller in time who has come
To heal my wounds to lead me to the sun
To walk this path with me until the end of time

Are you the one?
Who sparkles in the night like fireflies Eternity of evening sky
Facing the morning eye to eye

Are you the one? Who'd share this life with me Who'd dive into the sea with me

Are you the one? Who's had enough of pain And doesn't wish to feel the shame, anymore

Are you the one?Are you the one? Who's love is like a flower that needs rain To wash away the feeling of painWhich sometimes can lead to the chain of fear

Are you the one?To walk with me in garden of stars The universe, the galaxies and Mars
The supernova of our love is true

Chinese Overview: 相当抒情的一首歌 Are You the One ,音乐带点歌特风味,属于alternative rock 类型,很打动心灵,堪称经典

Women Related Lyric - Emotions

Single: Emotions
By: Mariah Carey
Album: Greatest Hits

You've got me feeling emotions
Deeper than I've ever dreamed of.
Higher than the heavens above.
I feel good, I feel nice.
I've never felt so satisfied.

I'm in love, I'm alive.
Intoxicated, flying high.

It feels like a deam
When you touch me tenderly.

I don't know if it's real
But I like the way I feel inside.
You've got me feeling emotions deeper than I've never dreamed of.

In the morning when I rise, You are the first thing on my mind.
And in the middle of the night
I feel your heart-beat next to mine.

You know the way to make me lose control.

When you've looking into my eyes you make me feel so high!
You've got me feeling emotions.
Deeper than I've ever dreamed of.

Chinese Overview: Mariah Carey 的单曲, Emotions. 写照 恋爱中的女人

Love Single For Valentine's Day - Do You Remember

Single: Do You Remember
By: Phil Collins
Album: Serious Hits

We never talked about it
But I hear the blame was mine
I'd call you up to say i'm sorry,
But i wouldn't want to waste your time

'Cos i love you, but i can't take any more
There's a look I can't describe in your eyes.
Yes we could try, like we tried before
When you kept you telling me those lies

Do you remember...?

There seemed no way to make up
Cos it seemed your mind was set
And the way you looked it told me
It's a look i know i'll never forget
You Could've come over to my side
You could've let me know
You could've tried to see the distance between us But it seemed to far for you to go.

Do you remember...?
Through all of my life, in spite of all the pain
You know people are funny sometimes, cos they just can't wait, to get hurt again.
There are things we won't recall, Feelings we'll never find. It's taken so long to see it
Chinese Overview: 这首老歌告诉我们:可以轻易说牵手,但不要轻易说分手

Are You Still a Dreamer, Lady

Do you still hold the deams in your heart, imaging something like the Cinderella kind of story happend to you oneday even if you are married.

Hahaha, reality is so crucial sometimes that we need a little naive mind to stay younger.

There is an thoughtful song lyric about deamer here:

Imagine there's no hating, my mind is slowly escaping

Imagine no hate, imagine people living together
Imagine waking up to summer even if it's December

I'm the dreamer escaping my realitys
That's where I'd rather be away from any negativity

You're calling me the dreamer, but that's where I belong

But looking back on it you'll see I'm not the only one
I'm still the dreamer, floating with my head in the clouds
Slowly trying to find my way before I'm pulled back down

Words get twisted, imagine this world without lies
Imagine no aids, imagine disease would just go
Imagine cancer could be cured by taking paracetamol

Chinese Overview: 女人都有灰姑娘情节,有时候做做白日梦,让思想逃离现实,just a little while.


Six Women Getting Lost in Caverns

Horror Film: The Descent

Director: Neil Marshall
Major Actor: MyAnna Buring / Craig Conway / Natalie Jackson Mendoza

The Descent is the story of six women of varying hotness getting lost in some southern caverns. The themes of "The Descent"is what we truly are is hidden beneath the surface and, because we are not true to ourselves, our relationship with others is duplicitous and creates a cycle of destruction.
This is played out nicely after our six women go down into the cave where they grapple not only with fanged flesh-eating albino freaks called 'Crawlers', but their own true natures, and their betrayals of each other and themselves, when they are forced to make horrific choices as they fight for survival.
Chinese Overview:黑暗侵袭,一部英国恐怖片,讲6个极限运动爱好者(清一色的女人)探洞遇险的故事。

Kate Winslet is Such a Fantastic Actress

Film: The Reader

Screenwriter: David Hare
Director: Stephen Daldry

Major Actors: Kate Winslet / Ralph Fiennes / David Kross

Year: 2008
Location:USA Germany

Kate Winslet is fantastic, the story far-fetched. Well-made but not awfully involving, "The Reader" works best when giving Winslet center stage.

Her Hanna is a naïve, unsophisticated — heck, let’s just say it: stupid — woman who did evil because she thought it was expected of her. As a woman virtually incapable of self-analysis, Winslet's complex characterization raises troubling questions about complicity and guilt.

If Kate Winslet is nominated for supporting actress for "The Reader" and lead actress for "Revolutionary Road" , she'd be only the 12th person in Oscar history to receive such twofold recognition in the same year. Among the other 11, no one has won in both categories, but most won one.

Chinese Overview:凯特的演技真好,眉宇间神情中流露的感觉让人觉得就是汉娜,而且也是凯特。《革命之路》也一样,从《鹅毛笔》开始就一直是,是表演却没有雕琢斧凿的可以痕迹。

When a Romantic Trip Takes a Deadly Turn

Film: Eden Lake

The Director: James Watking
Screenwriter: James Watkins
Major Actor: Michael Fassbender / Kelly Reilly / Thomas Turgoose
Show: 2008

Primary school teacher Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and her boyfriend Steve (Michael Fassbender) head out of London for a weekend at a beautiful secluded lake. However, when the couple encounter rowdy and volatile group of teenagers, the romantic trip takes a sinister and deadly turn...

One of the most provocative and terrifying thrillers of the year *****

The women actor Kelly Reilly impressed us greatly in this movie, nice performance.

Chinese Overview: 记得有个片叫《别惹小孩》,我明白原来小孩的后台是他的父母更加令人寒悚!女主角的求生欲望也让她忘记了一切所谓的疼痛,肮脏,人性!变的残忍无比!

Women Fashion Film - The Devil Wears Prada

What I Have Learned

If success and superier life needs to be trade with my soul, then I would rather stay poor and ordinary then betraying myself and family.

What the movie is about in case you haven't seen:

Based on the hilarious best-selling novel, this sinfully funny movie starring Academy Award(r) winner Meryl Streep* and Anne Hathaway is 'sensationally entertaining in every way' (maxim).

As assistant to impossibly demanding New York fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly (Streep), young Andy Sachs (Hathaway) has landed a job that 'a million girls would die for.'

Unfortunately, her heaven-sent appointment as Miranda's personal whipping girl just might be the death of her!

Chinese Overview:电影《时尚女魔头》点睛:如果一定要靠出卖灵魂和不断的背叛来获得成功和优越的生活,那么我宁愿选择平凡和贫穷。

Classic Movie - Scent of a Woman

The movie itself is not, technically, great. Very good, but not great. The plot is quite predictable and driven via patented Hollywood devices. The courtroom climax contains one of Pacino's most powerful monologues. However, its outcome is melodramatic.

Personally, I thought the whole idea of Pacino being more perceptive of the world than any man or woman with perfect eyesight was far-fetched and sometimes more implausible than stunning.

I'm sure there are blind men in the world who ARE in fact very perceptive to what goes on in the world, but few--if any--who can recall a whole history triggered simply by the sound of one's voice.

How is he able to tell Chris O'Donnell has pimples? He's not handicapped by blindness; this guy has psychic powers! He doesn't need sight! I do have to say that some of the most memorable lines come from this movie. Pacino says some original and wildly funny monologues involving subject matter I cannot discuss in this message. And of course there's the timeless quote: "Hoo ha!" Which later became a Pacino trademark.

"Scent of a Woman" is a somewhat flawed, but effective and entertaining film. It's a must-see for Pacino fans everywhere! It's not everyday you can catch a performance this powerful!

Chinese Overview: 《Scent of woman,1992》(Martin Brest) 这段Por Una Cabeza在三部电影里都出现过,可见人们对这首Tango曲的迷恋。这部关于男人的价值,尊严,品位,生存意义的片子。 比起片中情深的忘年之交,更能打动我的是片名的含义——女人香


Ladies, Welcome Here! Let's Stay Younger

There is no truly ugly women, only lazy ones. I have to admit that I'm kind of a lazy woman until I realize that my youth time is ticking round the corner.

So I began to worry, I wanna change myself to hold youth tail. I always have confidence with my beauty potential : ) . First I have to keep a positive mind, and then I would try to learn more and widely about stuff and items an elegant lady should cared about.

Then, I want to share what I learned and found here with my online friends as you.

Last, let's savor the old and classic poem called Youth

YOUTH POEM By: Samuel Ullman

Youth is not a time of life - it is a state of mind,
it is a temper of the will,
a quality of the imagination,
a vigor of the emotions,
a predominance of courage over timidity,
of the appetite for adventure over love of ease.

Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years.
People grow old only by deserting their ideals.
Years wrinkle the skin,
but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.

Worry, doubt, self-distrust,
fear and despair - these are the long,
long years that bow the head and
turn the growing spirit back to dust.
Whether they are sixteen or seventy,
there is in every being's heart
the love of wonder,
the sweet amazement at the stars
and starlike things and thoughts,
the undaunted challenge of events,
the unfailing childlike appetite
for what is to come next,
and the joy and the game of life.

You are as young as your faith,
as old as your doubt;
as young as your self-confidence,
as old as your fear,
as young as your hope,
as old as your despair.

When the wires are all down
and all the innermost core of your heart
is covered with the snows of pessimism
and the ice of cynicism,
then you are grown old indeed.
But so long as your heart receives messages
of beauty, cheer, courage, grandeur
and power from the earth,
from man and from the Infinite,
so long you are young.

Chinese Overview: 《青春》 YOUTH POEM By: Samuel Ullman