Funny Film - Beverly Hills Chihuahua

The most impressive lines is "tiny but mighty", so we really got refresh our understanding about the little dog Chihuahua right :) Let the Chihuahua roll.

Hillarious film, yet moving enough. The theme is about love getting stronger between two chihuahuas through hardships. Different type of dogs to make you laught all the time and even the little mouse is cute enough.
Some really funny episode I remembered include: the stray dog with brown color shadow on a single eye got a great bath, and he showed his washed teeth, and their comes a blink in his teeth, saying, "I'm going to make the dog toothpaste AD now". Really laughing my teers out about this.

Another scene really funny is that, when the four rich dogs was enjoying sunshine together along the home pool with each cool style and accessories, the Pekinese dog, is the most hillarious one to me. About the main Chihuahua actor, a selected cute dog with pink mouth, and pink ear, cute cute.

I appreciated the themes of the show, getting in touch with your ancestral history and inner strength, being responsible, not judging others, and finding homes for stray dogs. Really. Ironic when the main selling point in the commercials is Beverly Hills glam.

Chinese Overview: 迪斯尼的“比佛利拜金狗”实在是cute, 赶紧去看看吧,当然了,对吉娃娃过敏者慎入