Is Yoga Help Women to Keep Fit

Lots of women holds the doubt that whether yoga is a good way to keep fit, in other words, losing weight.

Em, yoga isn't the best exercise as far as losing weight is concerned, but that shouldn't stop you from practicing it. Yoga is an excellent discipline, and regular practice helps maintain flexibility, improve coordination and eliminate stress. And since it controls the mind in some positive way, so if you holds the idea of losing weight very intensly, it would help you achieve this aim in a more undirect way.

Losing weight with yoga means focusing on yoga postures that help raise the metabolism and helps to burn calories and reduce stress at the same time, as yoga is a relaxing way of exercising. Yoga does burn less calories than other sports such as jogging or swimming, unless you practise ashtanga or power yoga. However, yoga should be practised within a certain frame of mind.

Utilizing the spiritual and mental side of yoga when you are trying to lose weight is imperative. Changing your mentality and gearing your mind towards feeling better about yourself and being convinced that you will be successful in changing yourself for the better is necessary to be successful when you opt for yoga for weight loss.

Chinese Overview: 如果纯粹想减肥,就不要练瑜伽了;但如果不是抱着减肥的目的,也许会“无心插柳柳成阴”呢