So Beautiful - Are You the One by Timo Tolkki

Singe: Are You the One
By: Timo Tolkki
Are you the one?
The traveller in time who has come
To heal my wounds to lead me to the sun
To walk this path with me until the end of time

Are you the one?
Who sparkles in the night like fireflies Eternity of evening sky
Facing the morning eye to eye

Are you the one? Who'd share this life with me Who'd dive into the sea with me

Are you the one? Who's had enough of pain And doesn't wish to feel the shame, anymore

Are you the one?Are you the one? Who's love is like a flower that needs rain To wash away the feeling of painWhich sometimes can lead to the chain of fear

Are you the one?To walk with me in garden of stars The universe, the galaxies and Mars
The supernova of our love is true

Chinese Overview: 相当抒情的一首歌 Are You the One ,音乐带点歌特风味,属于alternative rock 类型,很打动心灵,堪称经典