Kate Winslet is Such a Fantastic Actress

Film: The Reader

Screenwriter: David Hare
Director: Stephen Daldry

Major Actors: Kate Winslet / Ralph Fiennes / David Kross

Year: 2008
Location:USA Germany

Kate Winslet is fantastic, the story far-fetched. Well-made but not awfully involving, "The Reader" works best when giving Winslet center stage.

Her Hanna is a naïve, unsophisticated — heck, let’s just say it: stupid — woman who did evil because she thought it was expected of her. As a woman virtually incapable of self-analysis, Winslet's complex characterization raises troubling questions about complicity and guilt.

If Kate Winslet is nominated for supporting actress for "The Reader" and lead actress for "Revolutionary Road" , she'd be only the 12th person in Oscar history to receive such twofold recognition in the same year. Among the other 11, no one has won in both categories, but most won one.

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