What if I Don't Used to High Heels

I'm one of those women who don't quite used to wear high heels. It would make walk like a torture. Many women like high heels since it kind of improves their temprament and will make them feel more confident when walking.

Once I have made my mind to wear one for a lilttle while, thought of time could relieve my feeling of pain and finally get rid of it, but I failed. I feel quite uneasy when I wear them, even if from other people's perspective, I look more slim and morden.

Acturally, there is some pitty things when you don't wear high heel, such as you can't wear thouse nice pants with made of more OL textile (OL means Office Lady). And some straight pants were more suitable for wearing with a high heels and that would make your leg longer and slim, you buns more up straight.
But I have to stop thinking of those kinds of textiles and apparel and return to casual choices like cotton or jeans. Well, what can I do, I remember last time I have tried the high heels, that shoe looked quite smart but it had really high heels, and after a few hours on my feet I was in agony and there was nothing I could do about it, but keep them in my closet, save as a history, a reminder for me that I'm not a high heel type girl.
Chinese Overview: 穿和不穿高跟鞋的烦恼