Women Yoga Diet - Nourish the Body, Nurture the Mind

The Yoga Diet is a way to find your ideal weight and achieve emotional and spiritual balance by redefining your relationship with food.

Yoga diet is not a diet in the sense of counting calories or complicated menu planning. The Yoga Diet does not require you to feel hungry or go without.

You don't need to be a Yoga practitioner – all you need is a desire to live a better life by following a diet that has been proven over thousands of years to build strong bodies and minds. The Yoga Diet is also a known and trusted path to longevity and enlightenment.

Yoga is a healthy way of lifestyle and this lifestyle requires healthy food to go with it. There are different kinds of yoga diet and food choice, hard to choose from, since everyone is different concerning the taste and habit.

Someone perfer only vegetables, and someone suggest that a little bit of meat is no harm at all, it all depends on you.

The basic principle of nutrition, from the yoga perspective, is to eat small quantities of high quality foods. The high quality foods are those which promote the life force of the body without producing toxins. The recommended foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Incredibly, yoga's principles of nutrition are very similar to what modern science has discovered in more recent times.

Chinese Overview: Nourish the Body, Nurture the Mind 滋补了身体也滋养了身心。