Would You Quit Your Career for Your Man

Women sometimes could be silly, especially when they are bombed by love.

There are women who would quit her fine jobs for their man, sometimes they want to be the full-time housewife, or go to other city to be together with her beloved man.

I just want to say women should be more wise and calm when making such important decisions that may change your whole life track. It has risks, since without works, your independance would be influenced.

Independence and confidence are two important traits that we don't want to lose even if we are married to a man with enormous forturn, and don't need to worry about money. But who knows the future, the world is crucial sometimes, people can be like caprice. I'm not talking about disspointed stuff here, it's just we need to be wise and more prepared for the future uncertainty.

Women who totally dependent on men would under serious risk by time goes, men who really loves you would be also respect you and your career.

Chinese Overview: 世事难料,女人最好不要完全依靠男人,要保持独立和自信。