Are You Still a Dreamer, Lady

Do you still hold the deams in your heart, imaging something like the Cinderella kind of story happend to you oneday even if you are married.

Hahaha, reality is so crucial sometimes that we need a little naive mind to stay younger.

There is an thoughtful song lyric about deamer here:

Imagine there's no hating, my mind is slowly escaping

Imagine no hate, imagine people living together
Imagine waking up to summer even if it's December

I'm the dreamer escaping my realitys
That's where I'd rather be away from any negativity

You're calling me the dreamer, but that's where I belong

But looking back on it you'll see I'm not the only one
I'm still the dreamer, floating with my head in the clouds
Slowly trying to find my way before I'm pulled back down

Words get twisted, imagine this world without lies
Imagine no aids, imagine disease would just go
Imagine cancer could be cured by taking paracetamol

Chinese Overview: 女人都有灰姑娘情节,有时候做做白日梦,让思想逃离现实,just a little while.