Subhealth, Something to Avoid

It's not rare that people in modern society develop some mental disease. That's what we called "subhealth" and it's becoming more and more common now than ever.

I feel that nowadays more and more people are getting into a subhealthy situation because of the increasing pressures on the jobs, houses, relationship, future, things like that.

And sometimes i just so worried about my own health too. You know, sitting all day along near the coumputer, not even move a little bit. Be a night owl, don't take regular exercises and so on. From now on, i will change all these bad habits. Just stick to it, best said then done.

Subhealth in the initial state would be just mental problems, just as feeling blue, Melancholy, but if getting worse, it would cause actural body health problems too, so it should be taken attention too.

I know we are facing a lot of pressures here, finatial crisis added, future is unclear, and life is sometimes too hard. But anyway, be positive, there is light at the end of the tuner.

Chinese Overview: 你处于第三状态"OR"灰色状态"的亚健康状态吗