Switch to Clinique Basic Skin Care

I recently found a great taobao cosmetic seller, she is doing part-time in taobao, selling authentic cosmetic and skin care items. She takes the full time job as a fashion editor, got articles in many famous beauty or fashion magazines, so she clamed to know skin care cosmetic well and also got the cosmetic purchase channel.

I was previously a little hesitate about buying skin care products online, because there is whole lot of fake cosmetic selling in online site. God knows what's in that bottle, maybe it's some self-made werid water. Women care about their skin very much, so we'd rather squeeze our money out to those big malls to bring those magic item home, bearing a big hope in our heart to keep the face beautiful even though we all know that cosmetic is one of the biggest field that with hug profits. We know we are throwing most of our money to water.

Recently I heard the recomendation on bbs and "only lady" forum that Clinique basie skin care combination called three steps face care, is really worth trying, but the added up price for it must exceed RMB1000 in malls, so I got to buy it online. This time, I spent a lot of time trying to find the trustworthy sellers with great reputation, and really frustrated at the first day trying, then the other day, I changed the strategy, I searched the veteran buyers that seem to share the same hobby with me (buying the same clothes, got the same shop collection as me....), I check their shop collections or follow what they have bought and loved, then finally, I succeed. I got the shop that seem to be first sight love.
Chinese Overview: 在网上找一个好卖家,就看你的眼力了; 费尽千辛万苦, 找到了一见钟情的店铺,败了倩碧家家有名的三部曲