When a Romantic Trip Takes a Deadly Turn

Film: Eden Lake

The Director: James Watking
Screenwriter: James Watkins
Major Actor: Michael Fassbender / Kelly Reilly / Thomas Turgoose
Show: 2008

Primary school teacher Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and her boyfriend Steve (Michael Fassbender) head out of London for a weekend at a beautiful secluded lake. However, when the couple encounter rowdy and volatile group of teenagers, the romantic trip takes a sinister and deadly turn...

One of the most provocative and terrifying thrillers of the year *****

The women actor Kelly Reilly impressed us greatly in this movie, nice performance.

Chinese Overview: 记得有个片叫《别惹小孩》,我明白原来小孩的后台是他的父母更加令人寒悚!女主角的求生欲望也让她忘记了一切所谓的疼痛,肮脏,人性!变的残忍无比!