The One Suit Yourself is The Best Apparel

Women is an emotional animal, we often do things according by instinct, it applies to shopping for clothing and wearing style you choose sometimes. Then it's Regret that repeatly happens. So do you want to be the lady that good at wearing?

The basic tip for you would be: be more calm and comes more judgement when facing pretty apparel.

Remember that : Classic is classic, your best choice is classic style not fashion items that would be under your wardrobe somewhere after short times. A little special design in the classic style is also requried, depending on your own taste.

Apparel is like choosing husband, the same truth applies both, that is: the one suit yourself is the best, not the best looking ones always the right one for you.

Don't pay too much attention the brand, it will make you blind to the inner components of the apparel, such as the textile, the style, the color and so on.

As to color, black is the classic one, suitable for anycase and never out of fashion, just don't have too much black element is ok.

Pay attention to the apparel match, it's an important lesson and a big one for you to learn through practise. Color match and apparel style match, all reflect your own personality.

Chinese Overview: 衣服和丈夫一样,适合自己的就是最好的。