Six Women Getting Lost in Caverns

Horror Film: The Descent

Director: Neil Marshall
Major Actor: MyAnna Buring / Craig Conway / Natalie Jackson Mendoza

The Descent is the story of six women of varying hotness getting lost in some southern caverns. The themes of "The Descent"is what we truly are is hidden beneath the surface and, because we are not true to ourselves, our relationship with others is duplicitous and creates a cycle of destruction.
This is played out nicely after our six women go down into the cave where they grapple not only with fanged flesh-eating albino freaks called 'Crawlers', but their own true natures, and their betrayals of each other and themselves, when they are forced to make horrific choices as they fight for survival.
Chinese Overview:黑暗侵袭,一部英国恐怖片,讲6个极限运动爱好者(清一色的女人)探洞遇险的故事。