When You Cry, Women of Water

Some one says, a woman is made of water. I dont kn it is ture or not, maybe just a hint that woman cries more.

When we are very little, we would cry because mom don't buy me delicious food I wanted.

When going to school, we would cry because we get criticized by parents for my not so good score.

When we finally going to work, we may cry because the grievance aften been wrongly criticized by our manager.

When we are head over heels in love, we would cry because of missing each other. When we are married, we may cry beacause of misunderstanding.

Life is long and whatever you are, strong or fragile, seldom anyone who don't have teers. Well, I have tears when seeing a moving movie, reading a story and sometimes when i saw my parents' gray hair ,I would be very grief....I'm too sensitive sometimes.

Between your loved ones, there is a beautiful saying as "Don't cry for anyone,because the one who worth it will never let you cry". Sounds meaningful, but if you want to cry for happiness, just cry out :)

What have you cried for, for happiness or for sadness, it's better shake your feelings then to hide it.

Chinese Overview: 爱哭的女人,女人如水。