Yoga Time for Your Mind and Body

Yoga, in general is a process that helps you move toward greater health and well being. It can be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Yoga is a 5000 years old philosophy originating in India.

Recognized for its benefits, yoga is practiced to bring health to the body, to integrate the opposites of the mind and to lead one to a place of stillness and peace. From within that stillness, one can more fully experience spirituality in the context of one's own religion and personal beliefs.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

Pain relief, stress relief, better digestion
Improved sleep,deep relaxation, easier breathing
Release of chronic back and neck tension, increased body awareness
Increased flexibility, a sense of ease in your body
A deep sense of peace

Fine Your Inner Piece

The mind controls the body, thus when a person constant becomes acquainted with their mind and body they often find inner peace. If a person is searching to lose weight, or else relieve pain yoga can help the person feel relief, which leads to a measure of inner peace.

Still, yoga is never enough to find true inner peace. Some say being true to your self-helps you to find the inner peace, however, true to your self extends further, since you must find truth to be honest with everyone. When people lie, cheat, steal, or feel doubt the emotions are in constant motion until a truth comes available. Once the truth is evident and facts are available to prove the truths, thus the person finds relief. When people adhere to criminal thinking or actions, thus the emotions are active and guilt entraps the mind, thus peace is never available.

Chinese Overview : Yoga 瑜伽对于心灵的修炼,可以提高意志的力量