Cool Summer With Silk Clothing

Silk enjoy such fine qualities as:

Qinger slender, soft to the touch, smooth and comfortable. After long time wearing in it, there is no sense of wet, and comfort is always with you.

It's said that silk fabric easily absorbed into the body ruled out the moisture, sweat and secretions, and maintain clean the skin, enhance vitality of skin cells, reduce blood vessel hardening, aging, but also to resist the harm of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, so is the best health-care fabric.

Silk represents China's most splendid culture, with those exquisite designs, such as clothes TING Paul Hillier, birds and flowers Yu Chong, Tingtailouge, Merlin bamboo-ju, Longfeng WU Xiang, rich peony, lotus, fish.

Traditional elements and fashion flavour can both inverted into one silk apparel. Besides, it gives a cool and relax summer with cozy feeling around.

Chinese Overview: 漂亮的蚕丝衣,融合古典和现代的元素,是中国服装界的一大特色。