He Got What He Deserves

Since the day I met him, I know that he is full of potential. The best point is he has a kind heart. I met him since my laptop broken down, and we are doing part-time job together that time, and I don't know anyone else that can help me with this.

Later I know gradually that he got very good computer skills all by self-taught and interest, and his capabitily in many areas such as lan, server, hardware...(virturally all stuff concerning computers), is way out of the reach of his peer with the same age.
You won't believe such a young and great looking guy would got such great skills and since techonology career need experience, so he is purely looking for actural project in the past, filling himselve with even more skills and experience, just waiting for chances.
Now he works in a horland comany, which seem to be in the list of the top 500 comanies worldwide once or still there in the list which I don't know. He was the leader for the international server & lan team.

He said, it's only a beginning for his career. So fly higher, my dear.

Chinese Overview: 机会总是给有准备的人