Slim Straight Pants to Give You a Perfect Leg Shape

Just loving it, straight pants with perfect clipping and fits the leg so well. Let's just embrace the spring to come earlier. But, if you need to wear this effect out, what requires is a long and slim leg. Oh, that's what girls want. Thank god, I was born a natural perfect leg.

Slim pants picks women, not all women could wear them. The one that could wear a slim pants very beautifully is the most lucky one and chosen one, since you have the perfect leg shape every girl want.

Whatever pants you wear, you need take the following notice to make a better pick.

Fit is the most important key to pants comfort and attractive appearance. Pants should fit comfortably at the waistline and fall smoothly over the hips and thighs. In well-fitted pants, the lengthwise grainline is perpendicular to the floor and creases in the legs are on the straight grain. Pants length will vary according to the silhouette.
Some problems to avoid when making (or buying) pants include:
S Ripples at the waistline.
S Wrinkles at the crotch.
S Bagginess at the crotch.
S Waistline pulling down at center back or center front.
S Pressed creases that hang off-grain.
Avoid pants that are too tight. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they also accentuate figure flaws.

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