Women Are Most in Need of Security Feeling

Women are sensitive creature that are most in need of security. House is the priority component for the security feeling. When we move into a new house, we care about the door lock first and eagar to change that to feel safe expecially it's a rent house.

Have you had such experiences: huddling together when you sleep; checking the door and window is locked or not again and again; being afraid of losing the sensation, affection or friendship; feeling that the food you eat is not clean, and prefer to do by yourself; waking in the midnight when sleeping , found cheek full of cheek tears….

I am often worried about my health.Although i am healthy now,i could not help thinking what i should do,if i get a serious illness .I am not a rich girl,and the expense of treatment is so high.I can not afford it .So i have to borrow money for treatment .

Now there is a serious global finacial crisis around the wold.China is without execption.Some companies closed,some companies stoped the production,some companies are cutting down the quantity of their staff member .So i begin to worry about my job.If unfortunately,i am out of work,what should i do.Where can i find the next job?How to live ?I am just a ordinary people,and have no ability.
Chinese Overview: 女人最需要安全感。

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