There is all Topic about Travelling Plans

It's a happy season, we got traditional holiday in April and got the labor's holiday in May. So office worker's mind are a little unfocused. Many ladies around me are now taking about their travelling plans these days. We finally can got some time for ourselvse and get a longer rest.

What ever the place you would be travel to, there would be people crowd everywhere, so someone wanna thought about travelling in their own cars, bring a GPS with them and enought money to fit the road. That's should cost you a lot more considering the oil fee, the road pass fee, the parking fee, but you will have more freedom and free time, you can lilsten to music in your own cars. You can be with your family, even your dog, be more comfortable in your own cars.

If you don't want to be too tired, you'd better find another one that can also drive, then you two could take rest one by one, let the driving process be more safe and quick.

Traveling is about being in different places, escape from the familiar surroundings, and seeing thing you haven't seen, if you are with your loved ones, and with good mood, you could enjoy the time wherever you traveled to.

Chinese Overview: 人人都在说旅游这个话题