How Come This Winter Last for So Long

This is a terribly long winter than everyone has expected. The spring wear that I have prepared is in my wardrobe for too long, the winter apparel is not yet out of our sight yet, even thought it's now the season supposed to be sunny and warm.

It's a travelling season in the march and appril, but thanks to the bad weather that with big wind and potential rain, our moon for travel has been hit. Maybe we got to wait still another week, and got stuck at home for another week. I have two film tickets, and just wondering what to see in the coming weekend, but I found all the movies was not my type and there are really not any great movies recently. :(

I had better not prepare any spring wear from now on, since the spring maybe just like a blinkle moment, then the hot summer will totally on its road as usuals.

How come this winter last for so long, how come there is so much rainy days in the supposed to be sunny season. How come the weather become so strange year by year. Maybe it's all our fault due to the pollution.

Chinese Overview: 冬天长的有点过分,不是说阳春三月嘛