AhSang and Chen Xiaoxu Both Died of Breast Cancer

One year ago, the sudden death of a famous actress, Chen Xiaoxu, former Chinese actress and business celebrity, who was widely feted for her portrayal of Lin Daiyu, the tragic famale figure in the Dream of the Red Chamber, a classic of ancient Chinese literature, has drawn public attention to the danger of breast cancer. A global activity named "As a mother, I care more about mothers" was initiated by Estee Lauder, a cosmetics company that sponsors the "Global pink ribbons campaign for breast cancer prevention and cure". It is hoped that the incidence of breast cancer can be controlled and reduced through these activities.

Another breaking news recently is That Taiwanese singer AhSang dies from breast cancer at 34. She didn’t feel well when she was in the Mainland performing last October; an examination upon her return to Taiwan revealed that she was suffering from breast cancer; furthermore, it had already advanced to the final stages. She once wrote a self-encouraging message on her blog; she wrote optimistically, “All of this will pass!” She never, however, mentioned her illness. Although she underwent treatment, the cancer cells had already spread to her lungs and liver. She spent the last portion of her life with her mother and her siblings; in the end, her passing was peaceful.

Breast cancer spreading among young women

In many Chinese hospitals women as young as 18 or 19 have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Experts warn that young women should pay attention to breast health. According to Zhou Dinghua, the surgerical director of Second Artillery General Hospital of PLA, women tend to develop breast cancer at a younger age. He reminds young women not to neglect their breast health and recommends that they have regular check-ups and learn to do self –examination by themselves.

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