Girl Who Wants to Turn Gack Time - 13 Going On 30

It's a comdy for the kid in all of us.

Jenna gets her chance to chill after she's sprinkled with "Wishing Dust" during her disastrous 13th birthday party. She wakes up to find herself 17 years older -- and, more important, drop-dead gorgeous -- with a hunky celebrity boyfriend, lavish Manhattan apartment and fabulous job as editor of a glossy women's magazine.

Trouble is, she's still little Jenna inside her head. From the moment she literally rolls out of bed as the cluelessly adult Jenna, Garner grabs attention with equal measures of giggly girlish exuberance and anxious-adolescent befuddlement.

Classic Lines:

"I'd like to believe,I have to believe that if you knew that,if in your heart,you really,really knew that,you wouldn't be getting ready to marry someone right now,Unless that someone were me."

"I have felt things these past few weeks that I didn't know I could feel anymore.But I have realiszed in these past few days you can't just turn back time"   

"I moved on.You moved on.We have gone down different paths for so long.We made choices."