Travelling Far or Close to Where You Live

It's the best time for travelling in a year, do you begin to think about where you wanna go? Far or close, you need to make a choice. 3 days of holiday is not enough to go to some place too far away, except you take the plane, which would cost more and since it's the fiantial crisis season, peole are now some kind of reluctant to be too squander anyway.

So just pick a nice little place with green trees and nature food, where you can be more close to the nature, with family or your loved ones, then it should be good too. What matters if who you are travelling with. Travelling close can avoild many trouble that a far travelling plans would encouter. Everybody know the holiday would be crazy number of people in any famous senery spot. So maybe go some place nearer should be more comfortable. The choice is yours.

What we love travelling is that it can make our mind fresh after we went back and life need a little change once in a while to avoid mundame and plain. Travelling far, like to the Erupe is a dream of me for many years, I wish we could accomplish this aim soon, so work harder now.

Chinese Overview: 远的还是近的呢,总之,人少的地方就好

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