How To Control Womens' Inner Shopping Thirst

As a tipical women who likes cosmetic and beautiful clothing, I would feel uneasy if I don't buy any clothing in two weeks. Under this finatial crisis background, it seems a bad habit to buy too many apparel. One or two classic designed clothes that can be worn a long time is maybe more needed than the stylish ones.

Thus we women need to find a great way to control our shopping thirst. For me, I turn part of my attention to the food recipe knowadge and "yangsheng" tips and if I have to buy something, I would first turn to online shopping site for reference.

We are still in the best age to wear beautiful clothes, the best years for us is just few years, so we won't leave too many regret for us. On the contrary, we also want to save more money for future uncertainty in this unclear time.

We thrive to reach a better blance. Maybe the wise way is to work hard, earn more. But we also know it's best said then done. Do what we can do. Ask yourself those questions when you decided to buy one item.

1, Why do I need it.
2, Do I got clothes and shoes to go with it?
3, Is this price reasonable ?
4, Where would I put it at home.
5, Is it can wear a longer time or just a short period.

I think we should be a girl with more sense.