A Love Story Just Like Fairytale - Notting Hill

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant charm uswith a clever, funny romance.

The world of the rich and famous can be fascinating for the rest of us. The romantic in all of us pines for a chance encounter with a charming prince or beautiful princess who sweeps us off our feet and into a life of wealth and privelege.
Of course, this rarely happens in reality, but the tale is as old as our collective imaginations and "Notting Hill" tells it smartly.
This being a Hollywood love story, we know how it's going to end, but even though we do, we still enjoy the ride.

Grant, perhaps the greatest stammering aw-shucks romantic lead since Jimmy Stewart, is completely endearing as the ordinary Joe.

Roberts pokes a lot of fun at her own image, while employing her own charisma to her advantage. Is there a more likable actress in Hollywood?

Notting Hill is the real star of the movie. One of the most charming neighborhoods in London, it reminds me of San Francisco's neighborhoods, only with a British endurance. It feels solid and eternal while showing a homey, quirky face to the world. I wouldn't be surprised to find that real estate agents in Notting Hill got a lot of business off of "Notting Hill."