Yoga Meditation - We are Ready to Fly

Keep still, Hold your body steady and close your eyes.

Your Meditation just begines:

It's up to you to imagine what's possible, to think big, and to lay claim to your greatness and strengths so you can go into the test, and life, feeling confident and secure that you've done all you can to achieve your best score.

The secrets to your success are being in the flow, trusting the journey and preparing yourself fully. Have integrity, take responsibility and enjoy the ride. Your learning is the culmination of study, feeling confident and calm.

Concentrate our attention on the sound of the breath. An easy way to direct our attention to the sound of our breath is by using ear plugs during our practice. Using ear plugs makes the sound of our breath more noticeable which also helps us focus our attention inward. For most of us, noticing more the sound of our breath may not prevent our mind from wandering. A focused breathing is an important start.

Put on your seat belts, get your inner guru ready, because we're ready to fly!
Chinese Overview: Yoga meditation 瑜伽的冥想是不是有点象催眠呢